Is Naru Getting Ready for More Predators in “Prey 2”? Here is what Amber Midthunder thinks

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By Aquaman

Amber Midthunder played Naru in Prey, a young Comanche lady who had to swiftly learn how to fend against the Predator. Do you remember the enormous extraterrestrial that even Arnold Schwarzenegger had trouble with? The brand was given new life when Naru defeated him using her skills and abilities. The Prey tale and more Midthunder as Naru are now on the fans’ wish lists.

Perri Nemiroff, one of our own, chatted with Midthunder about the movie and inquired about what lies next for Naru. Nemiroff enquired about Naru, who was still alive at the conclusion of Prey but was obviously on high alert in case the Predators decided to visit her world. Midthunder replied that she didn’t know where Naru was headed next. If the Predator came back, would she be willing to teach her people to fight him or would she prefer to leave?

What Amber Midthunder Said

Amber Midthunder played Naru in Prey

Musing on what could face Naru in the future, Midthunder said:

“That was always how I felt about it because, you know, the movie is such a journey that definitely as the character by the end it feels like — well, also, there’s the — I think that it does in part feel like that. I think it’s a hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of a situation. I think that it feels as though they’re not gonna come back, but there are ultimately obviously all kinds of threats out there that are unforeseen. Even like the French fur trappers in that interaction and stuff like that, those are all discoveries of things that are out there that they had no idea about. So I think that it’s not necessarily preparing for more predators or whatever; I think it’s just there [are] unforeseen threats and we gotta be ready.”

Prey was a good, new spin on a story that has been told several times in the Predator franchise. While it was still a narrative about the Predator against humanity, it gave Naru more control and showed us a young lady fighting back against the world’s limitations.

It did, in many ways, rekindle viewers’ interest in this universe, and it would be fascinating to watch and explore in a second film with Midthunder playing Naru. And judging by her answer to Nemiroff, there are undoubtedly more tales to be told in Naru’s universe, all of which we would dearly love to witness.