Jaden Smith Will Play Next Miles Morales

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By FilMonger

Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith made his debut in the film industry in the same film as his father, the biographical drama The Pursuit of Happiness (2006). Jaden co-starred in the film with his father. After Earth is a post-apocalyptic action film in which he also made an appearance with his father (2013). It is possible that Jaden Smith’s performance as Dre Parker in the Karate Kid (2010), in which he acted alongside the famous Jackie Chan, was his most important part to date.

Tom Holland, who had previously appeared as Spider-Man, entered the fight as a member of Team Iron Man when the character of Spider-Man was recast in Captain America: Civil War. Holland picked up the mantle left by Andrew Garfield, whose last appearance as Peter Parker was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, until he made an appearance with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Holland is the current incarnation of Spider-Man.

Fans were eager to see the introduction of more Spider-people after Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, and a whole host of Spider-people from alternate realities. When Holland took over as Spider-Man and the universe expanded itself, fans were eager to see the introduction of more Spider-Folk.

Now that No Way Home has been published, fans of Marvel are clamouring for a definite cameo by Miles Morales. This is especially the case given that Miles was not present in the film. There have been a lot of fan-cast articles written, and Jaden Smith always comes out on top as the most popular pick to play the role. Smith recently shared a selfie on his Twitter account that provides Marvel fans with a sneak peek at a possible future version of Miles Morales. He wrote “Wya I’m Trying to Swing By” as the caption for the tweet.

As was to be anticipated, Smith’s photo triggered a lot of speculation about his potential participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In response to the possible casting clue, Marvel fans descended onto the comments section in large numbers.