Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Romantic Moments

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By FilMonger

Yes, it’s 2022, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are a thing. No, you’re not dreaming. This is real. This is happening. 

The word “Bennifer” might include flashbacks to frosted lip gloss and butterfly clips, but everything comes back in style eventually. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are spending time together, nearly 20 years after their romance took the world by storm.

Their wedding was set for September 2003, and Lopez said she’d change her name to Jennifer Affleck after the wedding. However, they never made it to the altar, canceling just days before the ceremony due to “excessive media attention.”

Affleck subtly appeared in Lopez’s “Marry Me” music video. While the actor’s face isn’t shown, eagle-eyed fans spotted his arm and neck in the final shot, cuddling Lopez in bed. In another scene, a portrait of Affleck is visible atop her piano.