Keke Palmer Addresses Relationship Status with Darius Jackson

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By Black Widow

In the latest interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, Keke Palmer, spoke about various facets of her life, including her relationship with Darius Jackson, with whom she shares a son named Leodis.

The conversation revolved around Palmer’s romantic life rumors about her relationship with Jackson. Despite being spotted together on several occasions, including celebrating Palmer’s 30th birthday on Instagram Live and attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, speculation about the state of their relationship has continued, fueled by reports of a previous breakup.

When asked directly about her relationship status, Palmer responded with a touch of playful evasion, saying,

Yes, life is good, I have nothing but gratitude honestly, seriously.

However, when pressed for further details, she playfully borrowed a page from Beyoncé’s book, humorously advising,

You know, I’m gonna take a page out of my girl Beyoncé’s book, mind y’alls business.

A Closer Look at the Past and Co-Parenting

Just two months prior, a source confirmed their separation, after Jackson publicly criticized Palmer for her outfit at an Usher concert in July. According to the source, the incident led to their breakup, with Palmer shifting her focus to her work and their son. While they chose not to continue their romantic relationship, they remained committed to co-parenting.

Despite the breakup, fans couldn’t help but speculate about the status of Palmer and Jackson’s relationship when Jackson shared an Instagram live video from Palmer’s birthday dinner. The video showcased the two parents enjoying each other’s company during the celebration.

Palmer expressed her gratitude, saying,

D, thank you for taking me out on my birthday as always. I know it’s not always my birthday, but you always take me out. But I just thank you for making it special for my birthday, that’s so sweet.

Jackson also shared a touching birthday message on Twitter, sending well wishes for Palmer’s 30s.

Motherhood and Music

During the interview, Keke Palmer shared her true feelings about motherhood, describing it as an incredibly empowering experience. She expressed the pride she feels in having given birth and creating an unbreakable bond with her son, who will love her forever.

Keke Palmer

As a working mother currently on tour, Palmer acknowledged the challenges of balancing her career with motherhood. However, she couldn’t imagine spending a night without her son, emphasizing their strong connection. Leo, as she affectionately calls him, often accompanies her on tour, even if he doesn’t attend the loud sound checks. Palmer finds comfort in knowing that he eagerly awaits her return to their room after each performance.