Liev Schreiber and Taylor Neisen Celebrate Arrival of Their First Child – “Super Happy and Healthy”

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Liev Schreiber and Taylor Neisen have delightfully welcomed their baby daughter. The 55-year-old Ray Donovan actor and his 31-year-old wife, an earlier pageant queen, shared the news on social media, informing about their precious new member.

So happy that Hazel Bee is finally here,

Schreiber posted on Instagram. The proud father posted two pictures of the newborn, one capturing her tiny hand gripping his thumb, and the other highlighting her adorable little foot.

She arrived early in the morning of August 27th and has been a dream every day since,

Schreiber added, tagging his wife in the post. The Emmy-nominated actor proceeded to provide an update on the well-being of his daughters.

Mom and baby are both super happy and healthy. Thanks to all for the love and support,

he concluded the post.

Neisen has not stated anything publicly regarding the birth of Hazel Bee, as yet. Her most recent Instagram post dates back to August 23, a few days before their daughter was born. She had posted a black-and-white photograph of her baby bump with her pet dog’s paw gently touching it.


she captioned it.

With the arrival of Hazel Bee, Liev Schreiber is now a father of three. He brings up two children, Sasha (16) and Kai (14), with his former partner, Naomi Watts. Watts and Schreiber dated for 11 years before announcing their separation in 2016.

Taylor Neisen, previously Miss South Dakota, has been in a relationship with Liev Schreiber since 2017. Hazel Bee is her first child. In June, Neisen proudly showcased her baby bump while going with Schreiber to a screening of his new limited series, A Small Light, on National Geographic. The couple was joined by Sasha, and they posed for photographs together at the event.

In August, Taylor Neisen shared a closer look at her life by sharing a pregnancy update on her Instagram Story. She posted a selfie where she and Liev Schreiber belly front belly, were both smiling adorably in the photo that pointed out the comparison in their stomachs.

The couple exchanged vows in July and enjoyed some time in the Hamptons shortly before the baby’s birth. Liev Schreiber frequently shares his thoughts on social media regarding the joys of fatherhood. For example, in January, he posted a video from his and Sasha’s trip to Nassau, where he proudly shared that his teenager had officially become a certified diver.

Taylor Neisen has a passion for aiding animals, particularly in rehabilitation. In 2022, she spoke openly about her dedication to rehabilitating raccoons, highlighting her commitment to animal welfare.

When they’re strong enough for release I feel incredibly proud and happy

but also selfishly sad that I must say goodbye,

Neisen captioned a post of herself caressing a raccoon.

I put motion-sensor cameras outside because I’m a helicopter mom and seeing the footage makes me mushy inside,

They’ve made friends with a fox, a mangy cat, a very fat raccoon, and are still hanging with their possum brothers and sisters,

she added.

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