Lil Wayne Auditions for ManningCast Co-Host Role

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By Black Widow

Lil Wayne, the renowned rapper and musician, has thrown his hat into the ring for a potential co-hosting role on the popular sports commentary series ManningCast, hosted by former NFL stars Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. In a video audition, Lil Wayne, also known as Weezy Baby, President Carter, and Tunechi, expressed his eagerness for the role, bringing his unique style and personality to the forefront.

Weezy’s Audition Highlights

In the video audition, Lil Wayne introduced himself with a series of his famous aliases, humorously acknowledging the show’s previous guest performers. He then dropped some of his signature bars, showcasing his rap skills to secure the co-hosting gig.

Lil Wayne

With confidence, he rapped, “I’m a Louisiana boy, and I’m with the Manning boys. And this is the ManningCast, they have a family past.” Lil Wayne clarified that he’s more than ready to take on the role, promising to deliver an unforgettable experience for viewers.

Celebrities Vying for the Coveted Spot

Lil Wayne is just one of several high-profile celebrities seeking the third host position on ManningCast. The NFL brothers, Peyton and Eli, have previously interviewed notable figures such as DJ Khaled, Tom Brady, Mike Tyson, and Reese Witherspoon as potential co-hosts for their show. The dynamic duo provides engaging and insightful commentary on Monday Night Football, adding a unique twist to the traditional sports broadcast.

Lil Wayne

ManningCast’s Successful Debut

ManningCast made its debut in September 2021, quickly gaining popularity among football fans and viewers. Peyton, aged 47, and Eli, aged 42, bring their wealth of NFL experience and charismatic personalities to the show, making it a hit among audiences. Their candid discussions, humorous banter, and occasional guest appearances have contributed to the show’s success.

Lil Wayne’s Previous ManningCast Appearance

Lil Wayne has had a prior stint on ManningCast when he appeared as a guest during a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Los Angeles Rams. During that episode, he watched a video of Eli Manning rapping while sporting a distinctive yellow outfit and chain necklace. Lil Wayne was taken aback by the unexpected sight but commended Eli’s performance, stating, “You killed it.”

Lil Wayne

Eli Manning, a fan of Lil Wayne’s music, revealed his personal favorites from the rapper’s discography during the episode, further highlighting their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work.

Lil Wayne’s Recent Music Release

Recently, Lil Wayne dropped a new track titled “Good Morning,” which serves as the intro music for Skip Bayless’ new Fox Sports 1 series, Undisputed. Skip Bayless, the renowned sports journalist and commentator, praised Lil Wayne for creating an impressive intro track that incorporates various sports references and showcases Lil Wayne’s lyrical prowess.

With Lil Wayne’s audacious audition for the ManningCast co-host role, fans of the show and the rapper are eagerly awaiting the decision of the Manning brothers. Should Lil Wayne secure the spot, it promises to bring a unique and entertaining dynamic to the already beloved sports commentary series.