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By FilMonger

Loki episode 2 — out now on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — has what might be the biggest twist of this six-episode first season of the new Marvel series. Close to the very end of Loki episode 2, the other Loki variant who Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) have been hunting finally takes off their hood. And it’s Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino)?

That might not be the name of the character in the series, because Loki episode 2 doesn’t give us one — Di Martino is credited simply as “The Variant” in Loki episode 2 credits — but based on what we have been told, this new Loki time variant being “Lady Loki” seems like the obvious conclusion. Still, Marvel may well give her a new name. After all, Natalie Portman is going to be Mighty Thor, not Lady Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The reveal of Lady Loki is not only intriguing in itself, but it also potentially changes what Loki will be for the remaining four episodes. While Loki and Mobius’ bro-dynamic was the core of the first two episodes, the God of Mischief’s decision to follow his female counterpart through the time portal at the end of Loki episode 2 brings a swift end to that (for now). 

Loki episode 3 will no doubt deal with who Di Martino’s “Lady Loki” really is, while thrusting the Loki duo into new time-hopping interstellar apocalyptic adventures.

Loki episode 2 — titled “The Variant”, directed by Kate Herron, and written by Elissa Karasik — opens in 1985 Oshkosh, Wisconsin at a dress-up folk festival. Time Variance Authority guards led by Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) jump in through a portal to apprehend a variant who they detect is inside a large tent. It’s pitch black inside the tent though save for a few torches.

As the minutemen try to locate the time variant, C-20 gets a green-coloured tap on her forehead and turns on her own counterparts (with the action set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for A Hero”). That’s essentially confirmation that the variant they are chasing in the other Loki variant, as is the full top-to-bottom hood we see it in later. Once everyone’s out, the Loki variant grabs C-20 and a reset charge, and escapes through a time door.

As Loki episode 2 cuts to the TVA offices, Loki (Hiddleston) is now seemingly working for the space lizards. Or rather, for Mobius. He’s been asked to watch a series of training videos though he’s busy reading a jetski magazine. Mobius walks in to say he’s taking Loki to the field. Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) briefs them on what we’ve just seen the opening Loki episode 2 scene.

Mobius runs us through other Loki variants they have encountered over the years, including one who was apparently obsessed with Tour de France, and another who looks like a Hulked-up Loki. It’s an extended gag really. Loki then interrupts Mobius to explain the differences in two of his powers, illusion projection and duplication casting, to point out the fact that they don’t know everything about him.