Tom Hiddleston Flirting With Female Celebrities

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By FilMonger

It started the first time Tom Hiddleston made you giggle. He said something adorable, you loved it, and you started thinking “OK, I have a crush, no big deal.” He’s cute and talented, but you lead a busy life and you don’t really have time for a relationship right now. Then Tom Hiddleston started saying really profound things about humanity, you realized how smart and wonderful he is, and you were like, “OK, the crush is a little more intense now, but it’s fine. I’m fine. We’re all fine.”

Tom Hiddleston did the ice bucket challenge in a tight white shirt and something inside you clicked. “Holy crap,” you thought, “I’m really, truly, palpably in love with Tom Hiddleston.” Sure, he doesn’t know your name, but you’ve never felt this way about anybody before! Face it: you’re head over heels for Tom Hiddleston, and so are we!

Tom Hiddleston is not hurting amid his split from Taylor Swift. The British actor has been acting flirtatious toward various women. Tom was all smiles when he attended the 68th annual Emmy Awards on Sunday night, September 18.

According to new reports, Hiddleston, 35, was spotted flirting and chatting with a mysterious blonde woman. He appeared to be in good spirits after his split with Swift, 26. The Night Manager star was photographed laughing along with the woman after she showed him her phone.

Tom has been enjoying the single life as he also put on a flirty display of affection with actress Priyanka Chopra at the AMC Emmys after-party, after the took looked flirtatious when they presented an award earlier on that night.

Hiddleston and Swift split after dating for just three months. It’s also been rumored that Hiddleston would like to team up with Calvin Harris to get over the singer.

Who can blame any of us? Hiddleston is the human incarnation of charm, and we simply can’t get enough. He’s been brilliant in everything he’s ever done.

he has the mischievous appeal of a Greek trickster god, and, if he ever decided that I was the one, I would immediately abandon all responsibilities.