Loki Episode 3 Review And Reaction

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By FilMonger

Well, it might have taken 3 episodes, but we finally have a name for our murderous female Loki variant: Sylvie. But that is, by far, the biggest revelation in an episode that delves a bit deeper into Loki’s psyche, using a post-apocalyptic dying plan…

There’s a lot to unravel with our God of Mischief, and Loki is doing a fantastic job of making this villain/anti-hero type character into something a lot more layered, especially since this one knows that he will eventually die at Thanos’ hand.

What is mysterious is Sylvie. For all intents and purposes, she is effectively a female Loki (yes, Loki is genderfluid in the comics, he just never took on a female form in the mainline MCU movies) who is on an apparent crusade against the mysterious timeline

At last, episode 2 of the Loki series provide us a proper view of the other Loki variant that Mobius and Loki actually had been chasing continuously through the entire episode but now it becomes stopped and telling us about the character which becomes the Marvel variant. Now we are eagerly waiting for the exciting Loki episode 3.

Now there are the extended credits of Loki episode 2 which give us some hint to the direction of Marvel Studios that might be taking with this latest time-variant character. This episode has introduced a principal new character to the MCU. Now, this show has confirmed a famous casting theory of Sophia Di Martino, who is the female version of Loki. She has the ability to hatch the scheme which has been designed just to spend the time as we know it.

It is already known to us that in traditional Norse mythology, Loki is a character who has the ability to shift the shape and also a trickster who transforms himself into many forms. He is unlimited based on manifesting as a man or as a human. There are several myths of Loki in which the most famous myth is the god of trickster has taken the form of a mare and also is impregnated by a stallion named Svaoilfari, in the result of which Loki gave birth to an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir which becomes the prize steed of Odin.

Until the 2007 Thor comics, the concept of lady Loki did not arouse.  The series has set after the Ragnarok in which we have seen a cataclysmic war in which only Thor will survive. After that Thor is reigning in the empty kingdom of Asgard. Thor came out to find out all his fellow Asgardians who are respectively reincarnated in new human bodies without any memories. He just wants to restore them to full power which is included with Loki.