Tom Hiddleston And Owen Wilson Bromance

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While he’s had his brother Thor by his side since they were children, Loki’s never really had a real friend. He’s never had someone to bounce ideas off of, or make small talk with, or even believe in him.

For the most part, Loki’s been down a very isolated, solo path, and it’s a direction he willingly chose. If you ask Loki who the most important person and/or thing to him is, well, it’s himself, Loki.

Hiddleston and Wilson also agree that there’s a reason this friendship has even started, and it all boils down to information. Loki has information about being a Loki, and Mobius has information about the TVA — and the other desperately wants to learn more about these things

Everyone has an Owen Wilson impression. Including his Loki costar Tom Hiddleston, who in addition to being the God of Mischief is also a master of impressions. During a recent virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the talk show host showed Hiddleston’s impression of him… as Loki. And there’s nary a classic Wilson “wow” in sight.

Owen Wilson has praised Tom Hiddleston’s “Loki lectures,” saying that if he had had teachers like Hiddleston at school, he would have done much better.

Wilson knew very little about the Marvel Cinematic Universe before he joined the MCU himself as Agent Mobius in the Disney+ show “Loki.”

Luckily, he had Loki actor Hiddleston to teach him all things MCU. Hiddleston has lectured on Loki to the cast and crew of the TV show, teaching them things about Loki’s life and background, his personality, and his MCU journey to date.