Loki Season 2 Trailer Unveils Thor Villain – Zaniac

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By Bruce Wayne

A new trailer for Loki Season 2, set to premiere on Disney+, has revealed exciting details about the show, including a surprising Thor villain. This revelation has sparked curiosity and anticipation among fans eager to see how Loki’s story unfolds in the next installment of the series.

Zaniac – A Thor Villain

In July 2022, set photos hinted at the presence of posters from an in-universe movie called Zaniac in Loki Season 2. It’s worth noting that Zaniac, a parasitic entity hailing from the Dark Dimension, is a formidable villain from the Thor comics.

The Trailer Teases Zaniac

Marvel Studios recently released a trailer for Loki Season 2, providing viewers with fresh glimpses of key characters, including Loki himself, Sylvie, and the mysterious Zaniac. At the 0:16 second mark of the trailer, fans were treated to their best look yet at the billboard featuring Zaniac, offering a sneak peek into the character’s design within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Zaniac’s Origins in Comics

Zaniac made his debut in Thor 319 in May 1982 within the pages of Marvel Comics. This parasitic entity initially sought to act as Dormammu’s agent and possessed various hosts. Notably, it took control of an actor named Brad Wolfe while he was working on a film titled “Zaniac!” The movie’s plot revolves around a serial killer seeking revenge against his abusive mother, making it a compelling backdrop for Zaniac’s transformation.

Rafael Casa as Brad Wolfe

The trailer also provided another glimpse of Rafael Casa’s portrayal of Brad Wolfe, the actor possessed by Zaniac in the comics. This suggests that Loki Season 2 may delve into the character’s journey as he becomes Zaniac.

Loki and Mobius in Pursuit

The trailer further depicted Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius confronting Brad Wolfe in an alleyway and employing their magical abilities to confront the potential threat. While it remains uncertain if Wolfe will fully transform into Zaniac during the season, the involvement of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) implies that they recognize him as a significant timeline threat.

A Mission for Loki and Mobius

This encounter between Loki, Mobius, and Brad Wolfe hints at a potential mission for the two as TVA agents, possibly their first joint mission since Loki’s return. This mission could serve as a pivotal moment in building trust between Loki and Mobius as they continue their pursuit of He Who Remains and his Variants.

A Potential Distraction

There’s also speculation that Zaniac might be a pawn in a larger scheme orchestrated by a yet-to-be-revealed mastermind, such as Victor Timely. In this scenario, Zaniac could serve as a distraction from the true villain’s sinister objectives.

As Loki Season 2’s release on Disney+ draws nearer (October 6), the newly unveiled trailer has left fans excited and intrigued by the inclusion of the Thor villain Zaniac. With hints of a thrilling storyline involving Loki, Mobius, and the enigmatic Brad Wolfe, the anticipation for the new season continues to grow, promising an exciting continuation of the beloved MCU series.