Marvel Actors Wear Their Suit For The First Time

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By FilMonger

Superhero suits look glamorous on the big screen, but fans might not be aware of the challenges the stars face with their outfits when the cameras aren’t rolling. 

For many actors who have starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the costumes are snug, heavy, or generally uncomfortable. In some cases, the outfits make it difficult to hear, drink, and eat. 

Other MCU stars, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Evangeline Lilly, have raved about their costumes and called out their costars for complaining. 

Here are 14 celebrities who revealed what it’s really like to wear their MCU suits

“I love the Cap suit,” the actor told PopSugar in 2011. “It’s a great suit. But after about three months of wearing it, you start missing normal clothing.”

Years later, when “Avengers: Endgame” hit theaters, screenwriter Stephen McFeely told the Los Angeles Times that Evans “has never been comfortable with that outfit from the first ‘Avengers’ movie.”

“I think it’s the color, but also his ears are covered in that outfit,” Christopher Markus, another “Endgame” screenwriter, added. “When he puts on the helmet, he has these little Princess Leia dents over his ears and it throws the whole thing off. You wouldn’t normally think that an ear is an important part of an outfit but it balances everything in a way that when they go, you look dorky.”