Female Superheroes Trash Talk

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By FilMonger

Interviews are a rare opportunity for the public to see celebrities step outside of their roles on television, in movies, or on stage.

At best, the conversations humanize celebrities and inspire audiences. At worst, they spark public outrage.

Celebrity interviews don’t always go as planned. Occasionally, even the most famous journalists ask terrible questions, placing the star in an awkward position. Some celebrities attempt to respond and move along, while others simply express bewilderment, become extremely angry, and even storm out.

Celebrity interviews are usually pretty boring. The celeb plugs whatever project they’re promoting, answers a few questions and gets on with their day. When things don’t go as planned, however, is when it really gets interesting.

Celebrity interviews are a tricky affair. The stars involved are often midway through a lengthy promotional tour, a long way from home, and not in the mood for laughs or wacky gimmicks, which can lead to some famously tetchy encounters

Sometimes the most boring of jobs brings about the most hilarious results – anything to make the time go quickly!

BEING a film star has its downsides, and weeks and weeks of press junkets is definitely a price celebs pay for their glamorous lives.

However, some tend to make the most of the situation, and it results in some of the most hilarious (and awkward) celebrity interviews ever.

sometimes, celebrities say something controversial on these interviews. In situations like these, clips of these interviews do rounds on social media for weeks, and sometimes months on meme pages.