Marvel Announces “Historic” Debut for Secret Invasion on Hulu

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By Batman

Since the MCU ventured into the business of tv series with WandaVision, they have partnered with the streaming company Disney+ which has been the exclusive content provider for all MCU shows since then.

However, ahead of the finale release on July 26th, Marvel Studios announced the release of the first 3 episodes of their latest show, Secret Invasion on Hulu on 21st July and can be watched on the platform until 17th August. This is the second show to be released on an alternate streaming platform after the studio announced that Ms. Marvel, apart from its theatrical release in Pakistan, would also be released on the cable tv channel ABC which releases on August 5th.

It seems that the primary target for the studio is viewers and so far the only series which are being released on other platforms are those with the least number of viewers with Ms. Marvel garnering only 775,000 views and Secret Invasion with 994,000 views and lack of viewers for other shows in the future could also mean similar decisions by Marvel.

However, this could also be due to the rumors surrounding Disney with CEO Bob Iger considering selling the streaming platform altogether since its reported 800 million dollar loss last year. Moreover, additional reports suggest that the entire company may be sold to tech giant Apple. With Marvel and the uncertain future of their parent company, the streaming deals could also very well be the studio securing their future and ensuring a seamless transfer of ownership if there is any in the near future.

In any case, fans can rest assured knowing that their favorite shows will be on more screens than one.