Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” Reveals Something “Dangerous” About Captain Marvel’s Powers

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By Scarlet Witch

The Secret Invasion has brought to light numerous revelations about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of which is knowing how strong is Captain Marvel. Which may be groundbreaking for viewers who were already familiar with its main hero, Nick Fury. Among these revelations was “The Harvest,” a compilation of DNA samples from all the Avengers who participated in the Battle of Earth, including formidable heroes like the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. These samples were gathered by Fury’s Skrull allies, among whom was Gravik. However, Gravik has since undergone a radical transformation, devising a scheme to use his Skrull army to infiltrate world governments and seize control of the entire planet.

Captain Marvel is More Powerful Than You Can Think

Marvel's Captain Marvel

While The Harvest might be a fresh revelation for MCU fans, it showcased that Fury had a deeper understanding of his allies than previously disclosed. This knowledge extended to one of his closest and most formidable companions, Captain Marvel. The source of Captain Marvel’s powers was intricately linked to the Tesseract, which bestowed her with energy-based abilities.

In the comics, Captain Marvel possesses the ability to absorb and manipulate vast amounts of energy, making her a formidable force. While the movies never explicitly confirmed this aspect of her powers, it is suggested that her abilities are similar, as seen when she removed her power dampener and unleashed pent-up energy to reach a higher power level. At her base level, she can fly, emit energy to increase her strength beyond Thanos’, and release powerful energy beams.

Her powers, granted by an outside source and a Kree blood transfusion, were initially thought to be separate from her genes, similar to how Black Panther’s powers were tied to the Heart-Shaped Herb. However, it is later revealed that Captain Marvel’s abilities exist on a genetic level, potentially unlocking the possibility of a Captain Marvel Super-Skrull. This unique genetic aspect places her in a distinct category of heroes within the MCU.