Marvel Bids Farewell to James Gunn with a Heartfelt Nod in I Am Groot

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Disney+ is now airing Marvel Studios’ I Am Groot Season 2 with 5 episodes, and after each one, a special thanks is given to James Gunn in the credits.

In a bittersweet moment for Marvel fans, the journey of James Gunn with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has officially come to a close. As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 marked his final MCU project, Gunn has embarked on a new chapter of his career, co-leading DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, where they are gearing up for a substantial reset of the DCU universe.

However, while Gunn may have concluded his tenure with the MCU, his enduring connection to the franchise’s characters and stories has not been forgotten. This sentiment is particularly evident in the first-ever Guardians project to bear his absence.

A Grateful Farewell in I Am Groot

Marvel Bids Farewell to James Gunn with a Heartfelt Nod in I Am Groot

Disney+ is currently streaming Season 2 of “I Am Groot,” featuring five new episodes for fans to enjoy. Notably, at the conclusion of each episode’s credits, a special “Special Thanks” credit is extended to James Gunn.

This gesture is widely interpreted as a warm and appreciative farewell from Marvel Studios to James Gunn, expressing gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the Guardians franchise and the beloved characters it introduced to audiences worldwide.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Kirsten Lepore, the director and writer for I Am Groot, animated series, discussed her collaboration with James Gunn in bringing the project to life. When asked about the existence of a formal character document for Groot, Lepore revealed that there wasn’t one. Instead, she mentioned a special meeting dedicated to exploring Groot’s character.

According to her, this meeting allowed for an in-depth discussion about Groot. Since James Gunn is the creator of the character, the focus was on understanding Groot’s essence and the key elements to consider when writing for him. Gunn emphasized the importance of keeping in mind that Groot is characterized as a “bad baby” and has qualities reminiscent of an animated emoji character. This perspective strongly resonated with Lepore, particularly considering her background in the animation industry.

She went on to express her admiration for Groot’s expressiveness, likening his face to an emoji, and emphasized how Gunn’s guidance regarding Groot being akin to an “emoji guy” remained a guiding principle throughout the production of I Am Groot.

The Guardians Endure Beyond James Gunn’s Tenure

While I Am Groot may not be the most pivotal or dramatic entry in the MCU, it successfully fulfills its purpose as a delightful collection of short adventures featuring the beloved character of Groot. It maintains the playful tone associated with Baby Groot, staying true to the spirit Gunn infused into the character.

Although James Gunn has ventured into the realm of DC Studios, his MCU characters and their stories will continue to resonate with fans for years to come. While an official announcement for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4” has yet to be made, the conclusion of Vol. 3 hinted at the formation of a fresh team of cosmic heroes.

Moreover, fans can take comfort in the confirmation that Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord will make a return to the MCU in the future. In the meantime, audiences can immerse themselves in the latest escapades of Baby Groot, including an adventure featuring none other than The Watcher himself.

I Am Groot is now available for streaming on Disney+, ensuring that the spirit of the Guardians lives on, even as James Gunn embarks on new creative horizons.