Marvel Celebrities Interviewing Each Other

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By FilMonger

One of the best things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what happens behind the scenes. Many of the superhero actors and actresses are friends in real life and share many sweet moments together. 

Whether they’re doing interviews, making fun of each other on social media, or supporting one another’s new projects, these celebrities have made it clear that their friendships will outlast the film series.

There was a time — and the time was not that long ago — when the idea of a celebrity being interviewed, not by a journalist, but by another celebrity was new and exciting. What, a celebrity, asking the questions, treating the celebrity being interviewed like they’re a normal person? Interesting!

Vanity Fair points out that the appeal of being interviewed by another famous person, often a close friend, is irresistible to our modern day celebrities, who are already used to portioning out access to their private lives on a day to day basis through social media.

It’s true that once upon a time the celebrity-on-celebrity interview format was groundbreaking and exciting. Interview Magazine, founded in 1969, was literally created on this premise, and it did provide many iconic, intimate interviews that provided an often unedited, raw look into celebrity lives that was at the time unheard of.

In a traditional interview, of course, there’s always a risk of embarrassment for a famous person. There’s always the risk that they’ll fuck up the conversation so much that they’ll throw the project they’re promoting into jeopardy

They, whoever they are, say all publicity is good publicity, but they’ve probably never had to suffer through reading a transcript of a Barrymore, Diaz, Paltrow phone conversation . If they did then they might not say it anymore.

Let us know what you would prefer a celebrity interviewing another celebrity or a pro journal interviewing a celebrity.