The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4 Breakdown

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By FilMonger

This episode of the falcon and the winter soldier by war was the most interesting and why I say so? Number 1 there are a lot of confessions made by several characters, number 2 Sam and Bucky are left in between defending John Walker and the super soldiers

The episode opens with my fav Wakandan music in Wankanda, most us were eager to know what would have happened to Sam back in Wakanda in Avengers Infinity war, in a brief scene we get to witness an emotional conversation between Ayo and Bucky.

Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and questionable ally Helmut Zemo  are on the hunt for the Super Soldier Serum-empowered . However, Bucky discovers they’re being followed by Wakandan special forces member Ayo (Florence Kasumba), who’s tracking Zemo — the man who killed her country’s king.

Elsewhere, new Captain America John Walker (Wyatt Russell) realizes that tailing Sam and Bucky is his best bet for reaching the Flag Smashers and their leader, the ruthless Karli

John Walker just gives us more reasons to hate him and even at the beginning of the episode by being totally paranoid about Sam’s approach towards Karli. For John, Karli is a criminal and did not want to waste time counselling her. 

While Sam tries to connect with Karli optimistically and right when he seemed like being very close to convince her not to expand the super soldiers army, John barges in and creates chaos leading to Karli escaping the scene and for the first Zemo proves his presence to be useful by shooting bullets and Karli and eventually finding the serum.

While Zemo immediately destroys the serum, he is interrupted by John Walker. Right when it seemed like everything was destroyed, John Walker picks a bottle of serum and hides it in his pocket.

The next few scenes are followed by the Dora Milaje fighting John Walker. In order to defend the new cap, Bucky and Sam try and calm the Dora Milaje down. However, this leads to more chaos giving a chance to Zemo to escape the scene. Zemo is a villain who wouldn’t be easily caught and the Dora Milaje, wouldn’t leave the culprit who killed their King very easily either.

One interesting yet sad thing to happen during this fight scene is that Ayo breaks Bucky’s metal arm down surprising both Bucky and Sam.

The new cap has a brief conversation with Lemar about what he would if he had access to serum. He seems against the idea of consuming it since he says he wouldn’t be afraid of what that serum could do to their bodies?

Meanwhile, Karli calls Sam’s sister and threatens her and asks her to convince her brother to meet Karli alone. Sam rushes to meet Karli with Bucky and a steamy conversation leads to super soldiers attacking Sam Bucky Cap and Lemar.

The episode ends with Walker, newly empowered after sneakily taking the last of the Super Soldier Serum, flying into a rage after Karli accidentally kills his partner Lemar Hoskins with a single superpowered punch to the chest.

Karli manages to slip into the crowd, but Walker runs down her fellow Flag Smasher Nico (Noah Mills) on the street and publicly kills him with Cap’s shield. As you’d expect, someone records this dark moment and the image of the bloodied shield is broadcast to the world. Uh oh. 

Well, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Will the new cap turn out to be villain since he has a strong reason to fight the super soldier’s leader. Who will Sam and Bucky defend here? What will be the fate of Zemo?