Marvel Characters the Skrulls Shouldn’t Think of Imitating

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By Scarlet Witch

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Skrulls have earned a formidable reputation due to their remarkable shape-shifting capabilities. With the ability to effortlessly mimic the appearance of anyone they encounter, their power, if misused, could result in potentially dire consequences. Marvel has a range of superheroes with incredible powers, and no matter how good Skrull is at shape-shifting, he can’t copy some Marvel characters.

Marvel Characters Skrull Can Not Imitate

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Tony Stark is a billionaire who has an unmatched level of technical expertise. Emulating Tony Stark could draw attention from Earth’s heroes and even extraterrestrial threats like the Skrulls, risking exposure to a group dedicated to protecting Earth from powerful adversaries.

Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Scott Lang or the Ant-Man of MCU has the ability to shirk and talk to insects. If Skrulls impersonate Scott Lang, they gain access to the unpredictable Quantum Realm with its unknown energies and potential risks.

Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Marvel Character Skrull can't imitate

Jean Grey has some other level of power, she is an Omega-level mutant. With her telepathic and telekinetic abilities, she is known to be one of the strongest. But when Jean transforms into Phoenix, her mental state changes drastically. Skrulls must never imitate Jean Grey or tap into the Phoenix power to avoid unleashing cosmic forces and clashing with the X-Men and the Shi’ar Empire.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is one reckless hero. This ability to heal himself and exceptional combat skills set him apart. Imitating Deadpool poses risks for the Skrulls due to his recklessness and tendency to engage in dangerous situations, potentially jeopardizing their mission.