Secret Invasion Finale Reveals an Avenger As Skrull in ‘Endgame’

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Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ finale stuns fans with the revelation that one of the Avengers heroes was actually a Skrull during the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ As the MCU’s latest streaming series unraveled the truth behind shape-shifting aliens infiltrating Earth’s mightiest heroes, Don Cheadle’s Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, stood at the center of this shocking revelation.

The Promise of Skrull Reveals in the MCU

‘Secret Invasion’ enticed fans with the tantalizing promise of unveiling some of the MCU’s iconic heroes as victims of Skrull impersonation. While the show’s “crossover event series” branding was met with varying responses, it did deliver on the Skrull reveals, including Rhodey’s transformation.

Warning – The following section contains spoilers for ‘Secret Invasion.’

The Timeline of Rhodey’s Skrull Identity

The gripping finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ provided a glimpse into Rhodey’s life as a Skrull hostage. Emilia Clarke’s G’iah is shown rescuing the real Rhodey from captivity beneath New Skrullos. During this poignant scene, the Skrull hero reveals that Rhodey had been held prisoner for “a long time.”

Considering the timeline of events, it becomes evident that Rhodey’s Skrull switch occurred sometime before the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ It is highly probable that the shape-shifting Skrull replaced Rhodey after his accident during ‘Captain America: Civil War’ while he was undergoing treatment and physiotherapy. With ‘Civil War’ taking place in 2016 and ‘Secret Invasion’ in 2025, Rhodey’s Skrull imprisonment could have spanned as long as nine years. This means that he was absent during critical moments, including Thanos’ attack, the Blip, and the death of his dear friend, Tony Stark.

The Shocking Revelation of James Rhodes’ Skrull Identity

The revelation of Rhodey’s prolonged Skrull captivity is both surprising and undeniable. However, questions arise about the Skrull rebel leader Gravik’s involvement and the timing of Rhodey’s kidnapping. Gravik, portrayed by Kingsley Ben-Adir, had been working with Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, to harvest Avengers DNA after ‘Endgame.’ Yet, ‘Secret Invasion’ hints that Gravik’s spies have been infiltrating Earth since the first Avengers film, suggesting that Rhodey’s capture may have been one of the Skrull aggressor’s initial acts.

The Impact on Rhodey’s Marvel Hero Journey

Secret Invasion finale reveals one of the Avengers heroes was actually a Skrull during the events of Avengers: Endgame

The prolonged absence of James Rhodes from the Marvel universe undoubtedly raises intriguing questions about how he will cope with the revelations of Tony Stark’s death and the aftermath of the Blip. As Rhodey heads for his first solo movie in ‘Armor Wars,’ it is anticipated that the character’s emotional journey and the repercussions of his Skrull captivity will be addressed.

‘Secret Invasion’ is currently available for streaming on Disney+.