Rejected Prowler Suit Designs for Miles Morales’ in Spider-Verse 2 Unveiled

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Kristafer Anka, a comic book artist, shared rejected suit designs of Prowler for Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Twitter.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse took fans on a thrilling journey, and amidst the excitement, a climactic twist revealed that one of the Avengers heroes, Miles Morales, from Earth-1610, was in the wrong universe. In the absence of Spidey on Earth-42, Miles surprisingly takes on the identity of the Prowler, a role usually associated with his Uncle Aaron Davis. A new look at the Prowler showcases intriguing variations in design, emphasizing Miles’ unique physicality compared to Aaron’s. Let’s delve into the rejected Prowler designs and the exciting possibilities they offer.

Anka’s Fresh Takes on Prowler’s Costume

Comic book artist Kristafer Anka shared fascinating rejected designs of Miles Morales’ Prowler suit on Twitter. Anka aimed to maintain the “homemade style with engineering help from [Uncle] Aaron,” infusing fresh perspectives into the iconic costume.

Earth-42 Miles in Hooded Attire

One design presented Miles Morales in Earth-42 as a hooded Prowler with spray-painted symbols and menacing spiked claws. The in-action portrayal emphasized an oversized spiked collar, long hair, and stylish pink accents on his sneakers, showcasing a more rebellious and fierce persona.

 Rejected suit designs of Prowler for Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Emphasizing Vibrant Colors

The second design delved into vibrant red, pink, and purple hues, straying away from the traditional green color scheme. It portrayed Miles swinging an attached nunchuck, perched atop a beam with a black, purple, and pink colored suit.

Prominent Red Mask and Intricate Claws

Another iteration featured a prominent red mask, a short purple jacket, and intricately designed claws. This rendition emphasized Miles’ evolving superhero identity, pushing the boundaries of his appearance as the Prowler. This design, crafted by Evan Monteiro, closely resembled the final version seen in Spider-Verse 2.

The Making of Spider-Verse 2’s Big Twist

Anka’s shared designs showcased the meticulous effort invested in animating the characters for the Spider-Verse films. The culminating moment in Spider-Verse 2 featured an unexpected twist, making the design of the Prowler pivotal to the storyline. These unused designs hold potential for future use or further development in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Earth-42’s Significance in Future Installments

Earth-42 is likely to play a significant role in upcoming movies, possibly even facilitating a team-up between Spider-Man Miles and Spider-Gwen. The Prowler’s alternate version from Earth-42 opens doors to exploring unique storylines and character arcs in the expanding Spider-Verse universe.

The Impact of the Rejected Designs on Miles’ Journey

The rejected Prowler designs shed light on the possible paths the creators considered for Miles’ character. As Miles uncovers the truth of his alternate existence and returns to his original universe, these experiences will inevitably shape his identity and influence future events.

Mark your calendars for August 8 when Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swings onto your streaming screens.