Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” Breaks Tradition with No Post-Credits Scenes

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By Black Widow

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion has concluded its run on Disney+ without featuring a single post-credits tag, deviating from the long-standing tradition of teasing future storylines.

This article explores the significance of post-credits tags in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and highlights the missed opportunities for potential teases in Secret Invasion.

Marvel Studios’ Post-Credits Tradition

For years, post-credits scenes have been a beloved tradition in the MCU, providing fans with exciting glimpses into upcoming story arcs and tying together various projects.

From WandaVision to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, each Disney+ series has followed this practice—except for Secret Invasion.

Previous Notable Post-Credits Teases

Recapping the post-credits tags in previous Disney+ projects, we’ve seen everything from character introductions to hints at future crossovers.

Examples include Monica Rambeau’s encounter with a Skrull in WandaVision, Loki’s Season 2 announcement, and Kamala Khan’s power-swapping moment in Ms. Marvel.

Missed Opportunities in Secret Invasion

The article delves into the missed opportunities for post-credits tags in Secret Invasion. The first notable plot point centers around Rhodey, whose capture remains shrouded in mystery.

A post-credits scene focusing on his situation could have offered insight into his predicament, bridging the gap to the upcoming Armor Wars series.

Setting the Stage for Captain America: Brave New World

Another potential tease could have involved the President of the United States, whose replacement by Thunderbolt Ross is known to audiences.

Teasing this event in Secret Invasion would have provided clarity and anticipation for future projects within the MCU.

Connecting to The Marvels

Given Samuel L. Jackson’s confirmation of Secret Invasion’s significance to Captain Marvel 2, a post-credits scene connecting the two would have been a fitting way to build excitement for Brie Larson’s upcoming adventure.

While Secret Invasion has concluded its run without any post-credits tags, it remains a thrilling addition to the MCU on Disney+.

Nevertheless, fans can’t help but wonder what exciting teases could have been included to provide further hints about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the show now streams on Disney+, fans eagerly await the next steps in the ever-expanding MCU.