Marvel Women Wishing And Celebrating Women’s Day 2021

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On the Eve of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women of Marvel, from Black Widow to Captain Marvel

Black Widow takes out a room of men — while tied to a chair. Gamora wins an electric sword fight with her sister Nebula. Okoye points a spear at her own husband after he charges her down on a rhino. The women of Marvel, needless to say, are fearless. 

Lets celebrate this women’s day by highlighting the powerful women of Marvel movies and shows. We’re focusing not only on the incredible women of the MCU, but also on Marvel comics and their impact on pop culture.

Captain Marvel may be taking the lead right now, but many other women have been key to making magic happen in the Marvel universe.

The real reason why we were never as engaged with comic books as boys our age were, is because women superheroes just weren’t as publicly celebrated as they are today. Their lifestyle wasn’t considered relevant or relatable. Their sexualised portrayal made them unrealistic, even “dirty” in the minds of conservative parents.

All these women have gone through transformations in their life. They have battled inner and outer demons to find their voice, and all of them have finally made the choice to fight for what they believe in.

While we are celebrating real-life women heroes on International Women’s Day, it’s important to celebrate these fictional women superheroes as well. After all, don’t we and our children learn best from stories?

And Thank god that These days woman are doing more rescuing and less kissing in the comic-book adventures that are part of Marvel Cinematic Universe

In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s salute these Marvel-ous additions to the universe of female-driven films that fully flesh out the lore behind these mighty women superheroes

Happy Women’s day to all incredible and fiercely strong women out there. Being a superhero fan and especially a Marvel fan to be precise, our fe-male superheroes have always inspired and I think most of you all can resonate with this. On-screen or off-screen these women have broken all the boundaries and the bar real high. So, we at the celebrity expert tot of making a women’s day special video for our marvel women on this.

Here is the video!