MCU’s Next Phase: Thunderbolts as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Successor

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By Black Widow

As James Gunn concluded his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy with Vol. 3, a new team: Thunderbolts emerged in its mid-credits scene.

While the future of this team remains uncertain, the MCU needs to fill the void left by the Guardians’ departure, and the Thunderbolts could be the perfect candidates.

1. Cosmic Legacy of Guardians:

Guardians of the Galaxy have been central to the MCU’s cosmic narrative, battling formidable villains like Thanos and Ego. However, a new Guardians team’s return hasn’t been confirmed, and this leaves room for a successor.

2. Thunderbolts:

The Replacement: Phase 5 introduces the Thunderbolts, a motley crew of reformed villains and antiheroes assembled by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

Although they might not explore cosmic realms, their formation echoes that of the Guardians.

3. Shared Trauma and Redemption:

Just like the Guardians, Thunderbolts’ members have traumatic pasts and seek redemption.

The team comprises characters like Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, Red Guardian, US Agent, Taskmaster, and Ghost, all evolving from darkness into potential heroes.

4. Embracing the Guardians’ Heart:

Guardians of the Galaxy’s essence lies in its emotional depth, a trait the Thunderbolts must inherit to succeed.

Characters like Red Guardian and Yelena, Taskmaster, Yelena, and Bucky Barnes offer avenues for developing emotional bonds.

5. Thunderbolts’ Role in Phase 5:

As the MCU delves into Phase 5, Thunderbolts could become the lovable misfits that fans connect with, much like the Guardians. Their unique dynamic and journey toward heroism could fill the void left by the original cosmic team.

The Thunderbolts’ introduction as the successor to Guardians of the Galaxy holds the potential to resonate with audiences and continue the legacy of cosmic storytelling in the MCU.