Meet the Full Cast of Blue Beetle, DC’s First Latino Superhero Film

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Unveiling the diverse ensemble of characters and actors in DC Studios’ latest film, Blue Beetle, reveals an intricate blend of talent and storytelling.

Navigating the vast ensemble of characters and actors in DC Studios’ recent cinematic venture, Blue Beetle, unveils a rich tapestry of talent and narrative. The journey to bring this blockbuster to the screen was marked by twists and turns, with initial doubts about its theatrical release giving way to anticipation. With the global debut now a reality, early reviews have hinted at a captivating origin story, boasting a potent blend of humor, action, and heartfelt moments.

Exploring the Cast of DC’s Blue Beetle Film

1. Xolo Maridueña – Jaime Reyes

At the heart of the movie is Xolo Maridueña, who steps into the role of the titular hero, Jaime Reyes. Jaime, a recent college graduate returning to Palmera City, becomes an accidental superhero when he becomes bonded with alien technology. Maridueña’s portrayal emphasizes Jaime’s relatability, as he navigates the complexities of personal progress and societal expectations. Maridueña, acclaimed for his role as Miguel Diaz in Cobra Kai, provides depth to Jaime’s character.

2. Bruna Marquezine – Jenny Kord

While Ted Kord, the original Blue Beetle, doesn’t feature in the film, his daughter Jenny Kord does. Portrayed by Bruna Marquezine, Jenny is a pivotal character who gifts Jaime the mystical Scarab, setting the story in motion. Marquezine’s portrayal brings forth Jenny’s confidence and vulnerability, offering a multifaceted performance that enriches the narrative.

3. Damián Alcázar – Alberto Reyes

Damián Alcázar takes on the role of Alberto Reyes, the family’s optimistic patriarch. With unwavering support and sage advice, Alberto mirrors his son’s positivity. Alcázar, recognized for his role in Apple TV’s Acapulco and Narcos: Mexico, brings depth to Alberto’s character.

4. George Lopez – Rudy Reyes

Rudy Reyes, Jaime’s eccentric uncle, is portrayed by George Lopez. Behind his unconventional facade lies a brilliant mind that never reached its full potential. Lopez’s portrayal highlights the complexity of Rudy’s character and challenges assumptions about appearance.

5. Adriana Barraza – Nana Reyes

Adriana Barraza embodies Nana Reyes, the fiercely protective matriarch of the family. Barraza infuses Nana with warmth and depth, concealing a mysterious past beneath her caring exterior. Barraza’s recent appearances in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and Dora and the Lost City of Gold have showcased her versatility.

6. Belissa Escobedo – Milagro Reyes

As Jaime’s sister, Milagro Reyes, Belissa Escobedo makes her mark. Milagro’s realism and wit serve as a counterbalance to Jaime’s optimism, creating a dynamic sibling relationship. Escobedo’s performance adds authenticity to the portrayal of familial dynamics.

7. Elpidia Carrillo – Rocio Reyes

Elpidia Carrillo portrays Rocio Reyes, Jaime’s supportive and determined mother. Rocio’s unwavering commitment to her family’s dreams adds layers to her character. Carrillo, known for her roles in Predator and Narcos: Mexico, lends depth to Rocio’s character.

8. Susan Sarandon – Victoria Kord

Susan Sarandon brings her formidable talent to the role of Victoria Kord, the movie’s primary antagonist. As the owner of Kord Industries, Victoria’s pursuit of dangerous technology drives the conflict. Sarandon’s performance captures the complexity of a character driven by both intention and ambition.

9. Harvey Guillén – Dr. Sanchez

Harvey Guillén embodies Dr. Sanchez, a scientist working under Victoria Kord. Guillén’s portrayal reflects Dr. Sanchez’s involvement in the development of alien technology for weaponry. Guillén’s insights on Blue Beetle’s significance within the superhero landscape add depth to the narrative.

10. Raoul Max Trujillo – Carapax

Raoul Max Trujillo takes on the role of Carapax, Jaime’s adversary. Carapax, lacking the Scarab’s powers, employs a mechanized suit from Kord Industries. Trujillo’s understanding of the film’s balance between depth and playfulness contributes to the movie’s unique tone.

11. Becky G – Voice of Khaji-Da

Becky G lends her voice to Khaji-Da, the alien entity within the Blue Beetle suit. Khaji-Da’s evolving character serves as a conduit between Jaime and his super suit. Becky G’s insights into the character’s transformation deepen our understanding of Khaji-Da’s role.

12. Jorge Jimenez – Tio Chema

Jorge Jimenez makes a brief appearance as Tio Chema, offering a glimpse into the expansive supporting cast of Blue Beetle.

13. Eyra Agüero Joubert – Tia Maru

Eyra Agüero Joubert briefly portrays Tia Maru, contributing to the rich tapestry of characters in Blue Beetle.

14. Modesto Lacén – General Crane

Modesto Lacén’s portrayal of General Crane highlights the character’s interest in Victoria Kord’s military technology.

15. Oshún Ramirez – Nayeli

Oshún Ramirez makes a brief appearance as Nayeli, adding depth to the ensemble cast of Blue Beetle.

16. Brianna Lewis – Kord Receptionist

Brianna Lewis embodies the Kord Industries receptionist, infusing charm into a supporting role.

17. Jackson Spidell – Black Ops Leader

Jackson Spidell portrays the Black Ops Leader, leading the pursuit of Jaime Reyes. Spidell’s dual role as an actor and fight coordinator adds authenticity to the film’s action sequences.

18. Esteban Ruiz – Sebastian, Wall Guard #1

Esteban Ruiz’s portrayal of Sebastian contributes to the film’s immersive setting, showcasing the roles that support the main narrative.

19. Marcus Nelson – Giovani, Wall Guard #2

Marcus Nelson brings his presence as Giovani, another vigilant guard in the movie’s ensemble cast.

20. Isabella Aparicio – Young Jenny Kord

Isabella Aparicio’s portrayal offers a glimpse into Jenny Kord’s backstory, enhancing the film’s depth.

21. Ayden Rivera – Kid Carapax

Ayden Rivera steps into the role of Kid Carapax, a young version of the film’s antagonist, contributing to the character’s backstory.

22. Xol Gonzalez – Teen Carapax

Xol Gonzalez portrays Teen Carapax, providing a brief but impactful portrayal of the character’s adolescent years.

The Worldwide Premiere of Blue Beetle

Meet the Full Cast of Blue Beetle, DCs First Latino Superhero Film

Blue Beetle’s vast ensemble cast, comprising both established and emerging talents, brings depth to the DC Universe. With an array of characters and performances that enrich the narrative tapestry, the film promises an engaging cinematic experience. As the movie debuts in theaters worldwide, audiences can immerse themselves in the captivating journey of Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle.