James Gunn’s “New” DC Universe – All the DC Actors Returning

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By Iron Man

The reboot orchestrated by James Gunn reshapes the DC universe, uniting returning stars with fresh narratives and iconic characters.

In a daring move poised to reshape the DC cinematic universe, James Gunn is spearheading an extensive reboot, offering a rejuvenated start for iconic characters and storylines. Amidst these sweeping transformations, a few familiar faces from the DCEU are primed to reenter the spotlight, connecting the dots between the old and the new. With Gunn at the helm of this visionary voyage, this article delves into the returning actors, casting a spotlight on the intriguing interplay of history and evolution in the ever-shifting DC landscape.

As the DC cinematic universe gears up for a metamorphic makeover, a select group of actors stands prepared to embark on fresh escapades alongside their cherished characters. While the reboot introduces seismic shifts within the DC narrative, these returning talents inject a sense of continuity into the tapestry of ever-evolving superhero tales. James Gunn’s innovative approach strikes a nuanced equilibrium between transformation and familiarity, offering an enticing fusion of bygone eras and present-day narratives.

1. Viola Davis – Amanda Waller

Viola Davis emerges as a notable figure in the revitalized DC landscape, reprising her role as Amanda Waller. Beyond mere reprisal, Davis is poised to lead her character to new heights with the launch of her own series, “Waller,” on Max. Davis’ enthusiasm for her return echoes through her words, “Very exciting news. Can’t wait to tackle ‘The Wall,'” resonating with fans who await the further exploration of her character’s complexities.

2. Sean Gunn – G.I. Robot & Weasel

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In a testament to family ties, James Gunn’s brother, Sean Gunn, embodies versatility by embracing two distinct roles in “Creature Commandos.” Gunn dons the personas of Weasel and lends his voice to G.I. Robot, underscoring his multifaceted contributions. With his experience spanning across both DC and Marvel universes, Sean Gunn’s involvement adds an intriguing layer to the narrative’s evolution.

3. John Cena – Christopher Smith/Peacemaker

John Cena’s charismatic portrayal of Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, has already proven its resonance with audiences. Gunn’s confirmation of Peacemaker’s return following “Superman: Legacy” hints at a seamless integration of character arcs. Cena’s successful debut in “The Suicide Squad” and the spin-off series’ first season elevate the anticipation for his role’s evolution.

4. Steve Agee – John Economos

Steve Agee’s transformation from a debut appearance in “The Suicide Squad” to a prominent presence in “Peacemaker” showcases the evolving importance of John Economos. The character’s trajectory extends into both “Creature Commandos” and the live-action Waller spin-off, cementing Agee’s presence as a linchpin in the interconnected narrative.

5. Xolo Maridueña – Blue Beetle

Xolo Maridueña’s portrayal of Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, introduces a unique dynamic to the evolving universe. Gunn’s recognition of Maridueña as “the first DCU character” holds implications for the character’s enduring presence, hinting at future developments in the DC narrative tapestry.

6. Jason Momoa – Transitioning from Aquaman?

While Jason Momoa’s future in the DC universe seemed uncertain, intriguing possibilities emerge. Speculation surrounding his potential recasting as Lobo, the alien bounty hunter, presents a captivating twist. Clues from Momoa’s cryptic Instagram post and Peter Safran’s comments about potential directions further add to the intrigue.

Bonus: Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

James Gunn’s intriguing revelation that he will “for sure” work with Margot Robbie again sparks speculation about Harley Quinn’s fate. The possibility of Robbie’s return as Harley Quinn underscores Gunn’s commitment to maintaining connections between his vision and “The Suicide Squad.” Teasers from DC Comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti only intensify the anticipation for Robbie’s potential resurgence in the new DC Universe.