New Disney+ Update Hints X-Men’s Name Change in the MCU

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By Black Widow

In a recent update on Disney+, fans have noticed a curious absence of the X-Men name in a new section titled “Mutant Legacy.”

This omission has reignited speculations about Marvel Studios’ plans to introduce the iconic mutant heroes with a new name in the highly-anticipated MCU reboot.

The Multiverse and the X-Men MCU Arrival:

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the X-Men’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a topic of great excitement.

While the Multiverse has hinted at the mutants’ existence, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has already assured fans that he knows how the X-Men will join the MCU.

Disney+ Update Hints at Name Change:

The recent addition of a “Mutant Legacy” section on Disney+ includes various non-MCU X-Men and mutant-related projects but curiously omits the actual superhero team name.

This update suggests that Marvel Studios might be introducing the team under a new identity in their upcoming reboot.

Outdated Name and Controversy:

Former Marvel Studios Executive Vice President of Production, Victoria Alonso, once referred to the X-Men name as “outdated” due to the presence of many female superheroes in the team.

Additionally, Marvel Comics playfully addressed the issue in a recent issue, making it clear that the X-Men name might not fit the current landscape.

Brand Distinction and Marketing Strategy:

Considering Fox’s long-running X-Men cinematic universe and its association with the X-Men name, Marvel Studios may opt for a new moniker for their reboot to distance it from the previous iterations.

This could also address potential controversies surrounding the name and create a clear distinction for marketing purposes.

X-Men ’97 and the Future:

While there are plans for the animated series revival, X-Men ’97, to debut soon, it remains to be seen how Marvel Studios will handle the team name in future projects like the highly-anticipated Deadpool 3.

Fans eagerly await further details about the X-Men’s official arrival in the MCU.

In conclusion, the recent Disney+ update and past comments and creative choices have raised speculation about Marvel Studios’ potential plans to introduce the X-Men under a new name in their MCU reboot.

As fans eagerly anticipate the mutants’ official debut, it seems likely that Marvel Studios will take a thoughtful approach to navigate the X-Men’s iconic brand while creating a fresh identity for their future in the MCU.