NSYNC Reunites for New Song Better Place- A Love Letter to Fans

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By Black Widow

Fans of the iconic boy band NSYNC received an unexpected and heartwarming surprise when Justin Timberlake shared a behind-the-scenes video of the group reuniting in the recording studio. The video captures the moments when Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick came together to work on a new single titled Better Place, set to be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Trolls: Band Together.

A Love Letter to Fans

In the video, Timberlake emphasizes the significance of this reunion, describing the song as a “love letter to our fans.” He expresses his honor in having the group come together to create something special for their dedicated fan base. The camaraderie and excitement among the members are palpable as they discuss the opportunity for a musical reunion.

The video begins with Timberlake reflecting on the stars aligning for this momentous occasion. He shares his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “So many stars aligned, that’s why I hit y’all. I was like, ‘Hey, something came up.’ If we do this song, it’s a love letter to our fans.” The sentiment resonates with the group, and their eagerness to embark on this musical journey is evident.

Studio Magic Unfolds

As the video progresses, viewers are treated to glimpses of the recording session. Timberlake, seated behind the soundboard, reacts with enthusiasm as each member contributes their vocals to the track. In the background, Better Place plays, offering fans a preview of what’s to come. The joy and chemistry among the members shine through as they collaborate on their first song in decades.

A Nostalgic Approval

Chris Kirkpatrick, the group’s lively member, gives the song his seal of approval, declaring, “Sounds good, sounds like it’s finished.” The affirmation from Kirkpatrick adds to the excitement surrounding the song’s release.

A Historic Milestone

Lance Bass takes a moment to acknowledge the significance of this reunion, noting “That’s the first NSYNC song finished in 23 years.” The weight of the moment is palpable as the group collectively recognizes the historical importance of their musical collaboration.

A Song for Trolls: Band Together

The excitement surrounding Better Place is heightened by its tie to the upcoming film Trolls: Band Together, in which Justin Timberlake lends his voice to the character Branch. The song’s theme aligns perfectly with the film’s storyline, revolving around the reunion of a Troll boyband, BroZone, after years of separation.


A Week of NSYNC Delight

Fans of NSYNC have been treated to a week filled with surprises and reunions. The announcement of Better Place came shortly after the group’s reunion at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, where they appeared together onstage for the first time since 2013.

Better Place is set to release on September 29, giving fans something to look forward to. Trolls: Band Together is scheduled to hit theaters on November 17, making it a must-see for fans of the animated franchise and NSYNC enthusiasts alike.