On a London Date, Tom Holland was Rudely Ignored by a Fan Who Spoke to Zendaya Rather Than to Him

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By Aquaman

Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted on a romantic night in London but only one of them was recognized by a fan. So, Tom undaunted moved to the side and let Zendaya her chance.

Tom Holland’s casual grace

Zendaya was accosted by admirers when she was out on the town in London, and Tom Holland politely but uncomfortably moved out of the way. They didn’t realize Holland was also standing nearby as they posed for a photo with Zendaya.

When the pair was stopped, they were seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel in the heart of London. A restaurant at the five-star luxury hotel Chiltern Firehouse is renowned for its “underlying American accent” from Chef Richard Foster.

They both chose pretty modest outfits, despite the fact that the restaurant is on the more expensive side. Holland wore a pair of stonewashed trousers and a blue short-sleeved shirt to keep things casual.

Tom Holland was Rudely Ignored by a Fan Who Spoke to Zendaya Rather Than to Him

Zendaya, in contrast, chose a long, flowing shirt with on-trend cut-outs and matched it with sleek black pants for a little more formal look. One of the most powerful couples in Hollywood is thought to be Tom and Zendaya.

After working together in the Spider-Man movies, the two started dating. Holland portrayed Peter Parker, the main character, and Zendaya played MJ, his love interest, in the supporting part.

The two finally developed a friendship before their professional connection become sexual in nature. In a prior interview with Teen Vogue, Tom described his initial encounter with Zendaya as “embarrassing”.

Following the couple’s adoring remarks about one another, the two were seen attending a number of premieres and other famous events together. It is easy to say that the chemistry between the two was explosive.

And it appears that the couple is still “Love On Top” since they were recently photographed singing Beyonce’s mega-hit to one other at one of her performances.