Pain Hustlers – A Look At First Images of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in Netflix’s Upcoming Movie

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Netflix has provided a sneak peek into the highly anticipated crime drama, Pain Hustlers, starring Emily Blunt and Chris Evans.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, director David Yates offered insights into the film’s exploration of the pharmaceutical industry, marking his return to more intimate storytelling after his involvement in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

Yates, renowned for his direction of the Harry Potter series, emphasized his excitement in returning to storytelling that prioritizes authentic moments between actors over grand special effects. Pain Hustlers, inspired by Evan Hughes’ book, Pain Hustlers: Crime and Punishment at an Opioid Startup, delves into the world of pharmaceutical salespeople and the moral dilemmas entwined with the business.

Emily Blunt and Chris Evans Embrace Their Dark Sides in Pain Hustlers

Pain Hustlers - Netflix Releases First Images of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans

Chris Evans takes on the role of Pete Brenner, a sales representative for Zanna Therapeutics, while Emily Blunt portrays Liza Drake, a street-smart high school dropout who finds herself working for the pharmaceutical company under Brenner’s guidance. Together, they are responsible for selling pain medication tailored for cancer patients to medical professionals. As the story unfolds, Liza is drawn into a web of criminal conspiracy, grappling with a demanding boss, her daughter’s worsening health, and growing awareness of the devastation wrought by the company’s actions.

Blunt, who also serves as an executive producer, embraced the opportunity to depict a morally ambiguous character, relishing the departure from traditional honorable female leads. She eagerly embraced the challenge of embodying Liza, a character driven by ambition and willing to engage in ethically questionable dealings for profit. Blunt’s goal is to present viewers with a multi-dimensional character who is fallible, responsible, and accountable for her choices.

Chris Evans, renowned for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, takes on a starkly different role in Pain Hustlers. He immerses himself in the character of a man who sets aside his principles in pursuit of profit while promoting pain medication. Andy García stars as billionaire doctor Jack Neel, the mastermind behind the pain medication marketed to cancer patients.

Release Dates and Expectations

Pain Hustlers is set to receive a limited theatrical release on October 20, offering audiences an early chance to experience this gripping tale on the big screen. Subsequently, the film will be available for streaming on Netflix starting October 27. With its intriguing premise, complex characters, and the casting of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans in atypical roles, Pain Hustlers is poised to captivate audiences and deliver a thought-provoking exploration of the pharmaceutical industry’s moral gray areas.