Possible New Category for Oscars Initiated by John Wick Director

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By Black Widow

Academy Awards, popularly known as The Oscars have been there from last 1929, and 94 years they are as big of a deal. Every great filmmaker and artist aim for the Oscars and in the American movie industry it has played a big role. Not only this, but international stars also give Academy he deserved attention. The categories of the awards get shortlisted every year accordingly by the members of the relevant branch. Now After the success of John Wick Chapter 4, the director of the movie and renowned filmmaker Chad Stahelski is approaching the Oscars juries for a whole new award category.

He has expressed his belief that the inclusion of a stunt category at the Academy Awards is inevitable. Despite the growing significance of practical effects and stunt work in modern cinema, the Oscars have yet to recognize this crucial aspect of filmmaking. Stahelski has taken it upon himself to kickstart discussions with the Academy, aiming to secure recognition for the hard work and artistry of stunt performers worldwide.

Pushing for Change

Stahelski recently shared his perspective on the matter, emphasizing the need for direct engagement between the Academy and the stunt community. He highlighted the global network of talented stunt performers, as international films from various regions contribute immensely to the craft. With this in mind, Stahelski has been arranging meetings with members of the Academy to facilitate a productive dialogue and initiate the necessary steps for the inclusion of a stunt category.

John Wick to add new category for the Oscars

A Positive Outlook

The director expressed optimism about the progress made so far, indicating a promising future for stunt recognition at the Oscars. Stahelski believes that the change could happen within the next few years, with the potential for introduction as early as the next Oscars or, at the latest, within the next three to four years. He further emphasized that both sides—the stunt community and the Academy—have shown immense support and enthusiasm for this development, fostering an environment of openness and fairness.

Looking Ahead

Chad Stahelski’s proactive approach and determination to bridge the gap between the stunt community and the Academy Awards bring hope for the long-awaited recognition of stunt work at the prestigious ceremony. As discussions continue and both parties remain supportive, the inclusion of a stunt category appears imminent. The film industry eagerly awaits the day when the dedication, skill, and artistry of stunt performers are officially celebrated on the grand stage of the Oscars.