The Zeus Character of Russell Crowe in Thor: Love and Thunder Caused Controversy

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By Star-Lord

The new Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder is presently playing in theaters and a few fans aren’t exactly certain how to take the film’s depiction of Zeus. Played by veteran actor Russell Crowe, Zeus is the head of the divine beings whom Thor approaches for help with Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale). Introduced as substantially more fainthearted and unpleasant than different renditions of Zeus we’ve found in fiction, the film’s Zeus fills in as a main adversary to the legends.

Going this course has a few watchers feeling clashed, as many were plainly anticipating that Crowe’s Zeus should be a greater amount of a fair legend. Others have censured the humor of the jokes utilized in the Zeus character’s scenes. Anyway, there are certain individuals taking to web-based entertainment to regret the manner in which director and writer Taika Waititi introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s manifestation of the fanciful Greek god.

“I don’t even care about spoilers,” writes one person on Twitter. “But seriously what the f*** were they thinking with how they handled Zeus in Love and Thunder… It was such an unfunny, boring scene that did nothing but turn marvel’s interpretation of mythology into a cheap uninspired and unfunny joke…”

Promoting the SnyderVerse adaptation of Zeus as played by Sergi Constance as predominant, another tweet incorporates one next to the other pictures of the two and states, “SnyderVerse Zeus vs MCU Zeus. They legit made him worse than a joke.”

Another person who didn’t like the film, however, particularly hated Crowe’s Zeus additionally tweeted, “hard to pick a ‘worst’ moment from Thor: Love and Thunder because the bar is so low, but I think I’d choose the scene where Russell Crowe puts on a Greek accent to play Zeus, implicitly emasculated because he’s fat and wears a skirt.”