Ryan Gosling Confesses “Copying” BTS Jimin’s Outfit in “Barbie”

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By Doctor Doom

In a surprising revelation, Ryan Gosling, the renowned actor, has admitted to drawing inspiration from BTS member Jimin’s outfit for his part in the forthcoming Barbie movie. The confession came during a recent interview where Gosling openly shared the influence behind his character’s wardrobe choice.

For his role as Ken in the highly anticipated Barbie movie, Gosling decided to emulate Jimin’s iconic outfit from BTS’s” Dope” music video. In the video, Jimin’s vibrant and stylish attire left a lasting impression on Gosling, inspiring him to recreate the look for his on-screen persona.

Gosling’s Praise for Jimin’s Fashion Sense

Gosling praised Jimin’s fashion sense and explained how he respected the way Jimin effortlessly carries off unique and bold styles. The actor wanted to pay homage to the K- pop star’s fashion choices and bring a fresh and exciting perspective to his character in the Barbie movie.

The news of Gosling taking inspiration from Jimin’s wardrobe has sent BTS fans, known as ARMY, into a frenzy on social media. numerous expressed their delight and support for the unanticipated connection between the Hollywood actor and the BTS member.

As the premiere of the Barbie movie is near, fans eagerly await the on-screen debut of Ryan Gosling’s Ken, donning the outfit that pays homage to BTS’s Jimin. The collaboration between the world of Hollywood and K- pop further cement the global impact and influence of BTS and their members in colorful entertainment industries.

Overall, Gosling’s admission showcases how BTS’s fashion choices extend beyond the realm of music and into the hearts of artists worldwide. This fusion of styles further underscores the significance of cross-cultural exchanges and highlights the power of BTS in shaping trends and inspiring others in the entertainment world.