Secret Invasion “Poor” Rotten Tomatoes Score Breaks MCU Streak

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By Black Widow

Disney+’s Secret Invasion has encountered criticism and disappointment, as indicated by its historically low Rotten Tomatoes score.

The show’s reception breaks a longstanding 15-year streak for Marvel Studios, marking a significant departure from the consistently positive feedback the MCU has received.

Unfavorable Rotten Tomatoes Reception:

Secret Invasion faces a setback with its Rotten Tomatoes score, standing at 54% from audiences and 50% from critics.

This places it in the Rotten category for both viewer segments, signifying that less than 60% of critics or audiences rate it positively.

This score breaks Marvel Studios’ 15-year trend of having all its projects marked as Fresh by critics, audiences, or both.

Challenging MCU Streak:

Of the numerous Marvel Studios projects, only five have been labeled as Rotten by either critics or audiences. However, Secret Invasion is the first to receive both designations:

  1. Captain Marvel: 79% (critics), 45% (audiences)
  2. Eternals: 47% (critics), 77% (audiences)
  3. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: 77% (critics), 32% (audiences)
  4. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania: 45% (critics), 82% (audiences)
  5. Secret Invasion: 54% (critics), 50% (audiences)

Additionally, Marvel Television’s Inhumans has also received a Rotten Label from both critics (11%) and audiences (43%).

Impact on Marvel Studios:

The low Rotten Tomatoes score for Secret Invasion presents a notable departure from the MCU’s history of generally favorable reception.

While not necessarily the lowest-rated in the franchise, the fact that both critics and audiences marked it as Rotten raises concerns about the show’s quality.

This reception sparks discussions about whether Secret Invasion ranks as the weakest MCU project. Amidst varying opinions, the quality of recent MCU projects post-Endgame has been uneven, with a range from high to low reviews in a short timeframe.

Future Prospects and Optimism:

As Marvel Studios moves forward, it looks to regain momentum with its upcoming projects. Loki Season 2, set for October, offers a chance for a positive turnaround.

The studio’s subsequent releases, The Marvels, and Echo, carry hopes of strong performances, despite some uncertainties.

Secret Invasion

The mixed reception of Secret Invasion challenges Marvel Studios’ longstanding reputation for consistently well-received projects.

As the MCU navigates changing reception trends, fans eagerly anticipate the next offerings, hoping for a return to the high-quality storytelling that has become synonymous with the franchise.