Shang-Chi 2 Hits Roadblocks: Disappointing Update From Simu Liu

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Simu Liu, the actor known for his portrayal of Shang-Chi in the MCU, recently shared a disappointing update on the highly anticipated sequel. In a recent post on the social media platform Threads, Liu revealed that the original plan for the Shang-Chi sequel to debut “after Avengers” has been further delayed due to multiple changes in release dates.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the sequel since Marvel Studios confirmed its development following the success of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” However, the specific Avengers movie Liu referred to remains uncertain, with possibilities including “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” in 2026 or “Avengers: Secret Wars” in 2027

The Future of Shang-Chi 2

Shang-Chi 2 Hits Roadblocks: Disappointing Update From Simu Liu

While the title, synopsis, and other plot details for Shang-Chi 2 remain undisclosed, Liu has hinted that the sequel will expand the mythos and hopefully feature the ensemble cast.

Simu Liu‘s statement to Collider earlier this year expressed his excitement about returning to the established world of Shang-Chi: “Going into a sequel feels exciting. It doesn’t necessarily feel like there’s pressure to perform or exceed. It feels like we’ve established a world, and there’s something nostalgic and exciting about returning to that world we’ve spent so much time ideating on and thinking about.

We’ll deliver the amazing action we were celebrated for in the first movie while exploring new aspects of Shaun’s character and those around him. Of course, if we can still afford Michelle Yeoh. She’s on top of the world and just the queen of everything.”

Shang-Chi’s Potential Appearance in Avengers 5

With Shang-Chi’s director, Destin Daniel Cretton, set to helm “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” fans have speculated whether Liu will reprise his role in the film. Liu responded to this speculation in an interview with last year, stating, “I would think so… I would hope so. Don’t take my word for it.”

Expressing his excitement, Liu further elaborated on his reaction to Cretton’s involvement in the Avengers film:

“It feels incredible. I obviously learned about the news a little bit before the rest of the world did, but I freaked out. I sent him like forty texts in a row, all exclamation marks. I’m just so incredibly happy for him; he’s so deserving of that spot. What makes him such a special filmmaker is his ability to make a $150 million movie really, really small, in the best possible way. I’m really looking forward to what he does on that even grander scale of The Avengers because I think if you can maintain the humanity and the human stories, that’s what will make a movie memorable and special. I think Destin’s got it. I think he deserves this so much. I’m so excited to get to work with him again.”

Simu Liu on Shang-Chi 2

While fans eagerly await more concrete news about the Shang-Chi sequel, the delay caused by shifting release dates after “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” has left Simu Liu and fans disappointed. Nonetheless, Liu’s remarks about expanding the mythos and the possibility of his appearance in the upcoming Avengers film have generated excitement and anticipation. As the future unfolds, fans can expect further adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Shang-Chi at the forefront, continuing to captivate audiences with thrilling action and compelling storytelling.