Sound of Freedom Gets $10 Million Presale- Box Office Report

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By Scarlet Witch

Box Office made a report that Agnel Studios’ upcoming thriller movie named ‘Sound of Freedom’ got a $10 million presale. The movie starring Jim Caviezel is experiencing a great surge in presale which has reached $10 million by far before its release on 4th July. The movie is based on a true story of a former homeland security agent named Tim Ballard, who took the responsibility of rescuing abducted children throughout the globe.

Things that make Sound of Freedom stand out

Sound of Freedom Gets $10 Million Presale- Box Office Report

Sound of Freedom has a promising box office record, and the competitors are closely monitoring it now. The movie analyst has predicted $20 million in ticket sales during the first week of the release. Before the release, almost 1 million tickets have been sold.

After the pandemic, it has been seen that only blockbuster movies are getting much attention at the box office. Sound of Freedom has shown exceptional results. Not coming from a big production house the movie is already doing great and creating high expectations for the audience. One more interesting thing about the movie is that it has a faith-based angle which will also attract a certain kind of audience.

The real Tim Ballard

Sound of Freedom Gets $10 Million Presale- Box Office Report

This movie is the real-life story of Tim Ballard who founded Operation Underground Railroad in 2013. An organization that conducts sting operations to rescue trafficked children worldwide. 

The movie is directed by  Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, and the cast consists of Jim Caviezel, Eduardo Verástegui, Mira Sorvino, Kurt Fuller, Bill Camp, Scott Hazeand more.