Sony’s Surprising Venom Crossover – Tom Hardy and Topher Grace United

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By Bruce Wayne

In an unexpected twist, Sony Pictures has dropped a surprising Venom crossover featuring Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. This unexpected collision of two cinematic Venoms has sparked intrigue and speculation among fans.

A Blast from the Past – Topher Grace’s Venom Returns

Topher Grace originally portrayed Eddie Brock/Venom in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, a film that featured Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. Afterward, the character seemed to fade into cinematic obscurity. Fans had all but forgotten about Grace’s version of Venom until now.

Tom Hardy’s Venom in the Mix

In 2018, Tom Hardy breathed new life into the character by taking on the role of Eddie Brock/Venom in Sony’s standalone Venom film. His portrayal garnered attention and popularity, leading to the 2021 sequel, Let There Be Carnage, with a third installment already in the works.

Sony’s Clever Crossover Video

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment UK’s official TikTok account recently posted a playful video that brought Tom Hardy and Topher Grace together as their respective Eddie Brocks and Venoms. The video masterfully spliced clips from Venom and Spider-Man 3 to create the illusion of interaction between the two Venoms, even culminating in a humorous showdown where Hardy’s Venom emerged victorious.

The Memorable Line

The video featured a memorable line from 2018’s Venom, where the titular character menacingly warns, “You come in here again, and we will find you, and then we will eat your face right off your head! Do you understand?” This line appeared to be directed at Grace’s Eddie Brock, creating a comical juxtaposition with a worried-looking Grace from Spider-Man 3.

Sony’s Playful Tease

Sony’s TikTok video playfully teased fans with the caption, “When Venom met Venom… insert Spider-Man pointing meme here,” a reference to the iconic Spider-Man pointing meme. While this interaction was undoubtedly meant for fans’ enjoyment, it raises intriguing questions about the potential for a broader Venom crossover.

Hopes and Speculations

While it’s essential to temper expectations, it’s worth noting that Peggy Lu’s Mrs. Chen, a character from Tom Hardy’s Venom universe, made an appearance in 2023’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. This cameo demonstrated the possibility of Tom Hardy’s Venom interacting with other cinematic universes.

Furthermore, Tom Hardy briefly crossed over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in a cameo, hinting at the interconnectedness of these universes. Fans are left to wonder if a multiverse showdown featuring various villains could become a reality, akin to the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home.

A Playful Moment or a Glimpse of Things to Come?

As exciting as it sounds, Sony’s TikTok video was likely intended for light-hearted amusement. However, in the ever-expanding world of cinematic universes, surprises are never entirely off the table. For now, fans can enjoy this playful crossover as a tantalizing taste of what might be in store for the Venom franchise.