Stranger Things Season 4: A Bigger Vol. 2

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By Star-Lord


“Your suffering is almost at an end.” Vecna, the cursed “dark wizard”, is the main villain in the fourth season of Stranger Things. After the shocking reveal that ended Volume 1, fans are almost at an end. Volume 2, consisting of two feature-length episodes, will arrive on July 1. The man behind the monster talked about the final episodes of the show in a new interview.

“I’m going to toe the party line here. It gets bigger. If you thought that it was as big as it could get, it’s not,” Bower told Entertainment Weekly of Stranger Things 4: Volume 2. “It goes further, visually, story-wise, and emotionally for all the characters. It really is quite an explosive climax, let’s say.”

Campbell continued, “I know lots of people have used the word explosive and scope and scale, but I do mean that. It goes a lot further and we get to know more as well. We learn a lot more as an audience in these final two episodes, as well.” 

Vecna was born Henry Creel, who used his telekinetic powers to murder his family and frame his father for his crimes. By 1979 he’s an orderly in the Rainbow Room at the Hawkins National Laboratory, who accidentally transforms One into Vecna when Eleven traps him in the Upside Down.

There will be more information about Henry/One/Vecna in Season 4 episodes 8 and 9. “I couldn’t possibly say. I feel like a politician sometimes. You get to know more about all the characters.”

Stranger Things: Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. Volume 2. comes out on July 1st, 2022.