Aubrey Plaza And Elizabeth Olsen Friendship

Elizabeth Olsen And Aubrey Plaza

Every now and again, celebrity friendships will catch on with headlines and take the world by storm. These power friendships will sometimes feature unlikely pairs, and the public can quickly become fascinated with the inner workings of their friendship dynamic.

Back in 2017, Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen came together for the film, Ingrid Goes West, and while fans were excited to see the two actresses working together on the black comedy, even more people were excited to see how the friendship between the pair blossomed after making the movie.

The pair have worn matching outfits on the red carpet, have given hilarious interviews together, and genuinely seem happy to be around one another. 

Neither of these two are very public with their personal lives, but we have to believe that they have spent a considerable amount of time together away from work commitments judging by the connection they seem to share. 

Written by FilMonger

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