Suits Producer in Talks to Have Meghan Markle for the Show’s “Revival”

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The producer of the popular legal drama ‘Suits’ talks about the possibility of its revival and the return of Meghan Markle after streaming success.

The legal drama series ‘Suits,’ which captivated audiences from 2011 to 2019, has experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity with its recent streaming record. Led by Meghan Markle, who later became the Duchess of Sussex, the show garnered massive watch time during the week of June 26 to July 2, setting a new streaming record for an acquired series. As the show’s streaming success rekindles conversations about possible reunions and revivals, executive producer Gene Klein opens up about the show’s unexpected resurgence and the prospects of getting the cast back together.

The Unforeseen Streaming Triumph of ‘Suits’

In a surprising turn of events, ‘Suits’ has seen a remarkable surge in streaming numbers since its debut on Netflix on June 17. Nielsen reported that during the week of June 26 to July 2, the show accumulated a staggering 3.14 billion minutes of watch time, surpassing the previous record-holder, Manifest, by a significant margin. The unexpected resurgence has left the show’s executive producer, Gene Klein, both proud and amazed by its enduring popularity.

Hopes for a ‘Suits’ Revival

As streaming numbers soar, the buzz about potential reboots and revivals grows louder. Gene Klein, who played a crucial role as a non-writing producer throughout the nine-season run of ‘Suits,’ acknowledges that he has had vague conversations with the show’s creator and showrunner, Aaron Korsh, about the possibility of a revival. While nothing concrete has been discussed yet, Klein remains open to the idea and expects the possibility of a call regarding the revival in this era of television reboots and reunions.

The Complex Dance of a Reunion

Reviving a beloved series often requires navigating through numerous complexities, including contract negotiations with the actors and ensuring their continued involvement in the project. Klein reflects on the challenges faced while keeping the entire cast engaged till the end of the show’s original run. Despite the logistical hurdles, he remains optimistic but realistic about the prospects of a reunion. The bond formed amongst the cast over the years makes the idea of a reunion all the more appealing, even though the likelihood of pulling it off seems uncertain.

The Elusive Duchess of Sussex

One of the most prominent figures from the original cast, Meghan Markle, played the character Rachel Zane on ‘Suits.’ Given her rise to royalty and subsequent stepping away from her acting career, the possibility of her return to the series appears remote. Klein expresses doubts about the feasibility of involving the Duchess of Sussex in a potential revival. Although Markle humorously teased the idea of a ‘Suits’ reunion during her 40th birthday celebration, her royal commitments and focus on philanthropy make it unlikely for her to reprise her role.

Marking the Legacy of ‘Suits’

The producer of the popular legal drama Suits talks about the possibility of its revival and the return of Meghan Markle after streaming success.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding a reunion and Markle’s involvement, ‘Suits’ continues to be celebrated for its enduring impact. The show’s availability on streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock ensures that new audiences can enjoy the engaging storyline and memorable performances. The legacy of ‘Suits’ endures, even as fans speculate about its potential revival.