“Surprising Family Reactions and Unwavering Support: Sydney Sweeney Shares Anecdotes of Her Family’s Response to ‘Euphoria'”

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By Black Widow

During a recent interview on “Sunday Today,” actress Sydney Sweeney shared a delightful story about her family’s surprising reaction to her role in the boundary-pushing HBO series, “Euphoria.”

Sweeney revealed that her father and grandfather, having little knowledge about the show’s content, decided to watch it without any preparation, resulting in an unexpected turn of events.

When Sydney Sweeney’s family watched Euphoria

Euphoria's Explicit Scenes Have Sparked Debate

While Sweeney’s mother had visited the set and was familiar with the series’ explicit nature, her father remained in the dark. With her grandparents in tow, he settled down to watch the show, only to find himself taken aback by its provocative scenes. In a surprising move, both her father and grandfather promptly turned off the television and left the room.

However, Sweeney’s loving grandmother, an ardent supporter and fan, chose to brave through the mature content and remained to watch the show. Sweeney often includes her grandmother in her work, even granting her the opportunity to be an extra on set.

What is This HBO Series all about?

Euphoria's cast

Euphoria is a drama series, created by Sam Levinson. The show delves into the lives of a group of high school students as they navigate various challenges, including drugs, sex, identity, trauma, and relationships.

As fans eagerly anticipate the return of “Euphoria” for its third season, news emerged that the series may not make its way back to the small screen until 2025. HBO’s head of drama, Francesca Orsi, explained the challenges of managing the show amidst post-production work on “The Idol,” a forthcoming HBO series helmed by “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson.

Enthusiasts of the series are particularly curious about the fate of Sweeney’s character, Cassie, after the tumultuous events of Season 2. Cassie’s friendship with Maddy disintegrated when she clandestinely engaged in a relationship with Maddy’s ex-boyfriend, Nate.

Sweeney expressed her admiration for the multi-dimensional nature of Cassie’s character, describing her as both “beautiful” and “broken.” She enjoys unearthing the intricate layers and emotional depths of her roles, immersing herself in their motivations, actions, and thoughts.