Tatiana Maslay Hopes to Work Alongside Florence Pugh in a Marvel Movie

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By Star-Lord

Being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe excites Tatiana Maslany.

On “The Jess Cagle Show” on SiriusXM, the “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” star made an appearance and discussed potential future Marvel adventures with co-host Julia Cunningham.

“That always gets teased. Like, you know, ‘If this is a thing, then maybe you’ll pop up in this or that,’” Maslany said. “The Marvel Universe kind of has that, like every storyline sews through another one. So I’m up for it. Have you heard something? I mean, ’cause I have not.”

“I have not, but I mean, who would you wanna be with?” Cunningham asked about a potential team-up. “I think Thor would be amazing humour-wise, and the relationship already with Hulk would be great.”

“That would be super-fun,” Maslany agreed.

“Who would you love it to be, if you had to get worked into a movie?” the host asked.

“I mean, I just love Florence Pugh as an actor, so I just wanna act with her,” Maslany responded. “I think that duo would be bizarre, but I think that kind of would be fun.”

The host said, “Like a fun road trip movie.”

“Totally,” the Canadian actress said. “It’s like a buddy-buddy comedy, us in a car driving across America.”

In the 2021 Marvel prequel “Black Widow,” Pugh portrayed Yelena Belva, the sister of Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff.

The Disney+ debut of “She-Hulk” is August 18.