The Blackening: Behind the Scenes

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The Blackening, a horror movie which revolves around a group of friends who find out they are trapped in a cabin with a killer is all set for release next week (16th June).

The movie seems to deviate from the horror trope by including more comedic elements and elements of black culture as it is an all-black cast and seems to also look at the tried and tested aspects of the horror genre from a satirical lens.

Read on for exclusive behind the scene content from the set of the upcoming horror flick!

The Blackening movie

What Inspired The Film?

The film is based on a Comedy Central video with the same name and seems to expand on the premise but to include the thrill and gore that the horror fans seem to love and involves a board game where the entire group has to answer questions about “blackness.” The film draws influences from other popular horror franchises such as Scream and Saw.

Keep reading to watch a fun Blackening behind the series video.

Antoinette Robertson About The Blackening

Antoinette Robertson, one of the stars of the movie, explains how the movie tries to test the limits and explore not only horror but the comedy genre as well and the movie ultimately aims to relate it to the everyday struggles people of color face.

She also goes on to say that as the shoot for the movie progressed, the actors all bonded, becoming more and more like the tight-knight group of friends they attempt to embody in the movie.

I am not one for horror movie cliches but it is safe to assume that in this one, the black guy dies first.

Here’s an entertaining Blackening behind the scenes video: