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The Blackening, a horror-comedy movie about a group of friends trapped in a cabin with a killer, released last week and while most movies in this genre miss the mark, this movie is a perfect blend of the best of both genres, giving audiences one arguably the best comedies of the year.

Performance At The Box Office

While the movie was only the 6th highest grossing movie at the box office of all the movies over the weekend, all of which have performed below projections and far behind movies like The Flash (55 million) and Elemental (29 million), the movie has already made a profit with a 6 million dollar in its opening weekend as opposed to its 5 million dollar budget.

While all the actors have performed their parts to near perfection, it seems that the script is the star of the show. To make a horror movie thrilling while looking at all the movies of the genre through a satirical lens, but somehow actor and writer Dewayne Perkins has managed to pull off both roles.

The uniqueness of The Blackening

What makes the blackening special is how none of the cast are alienated throughout the movie and each actor gives their own unique performance that makes them memorable. With one-liners and heartwarming moments, overall the movie has achieved a nearly impossible feat by balancing the elements of horror, thriller, comedy and so on they have given viewers a film that is balanced in almost every sense of the word.

The Blackening Review

Even the comedy has something for everyone, with not just slapstick comedy viewers have come to expect from entertainment today. While horror fans may be somewhat disappointed as scares will have to be sacrificed for the sake of story, it is an entertaining and engaging film with something in it for everyone and is exactly the type of film that could leave a lasting impact on the horror genre.