The Drew Barrymore Show Expected to Return Following WGA Strike Deal

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By Black Widow

After a contentious period surrounding the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, The Drew Barrymore Show is now on track to make a comeback, targeting an October return to television screens.

Drew Barrymore, the show’s host, faced substantial backlash earlier this month when she initially announced the return of her daytime talk show for its fourth season amid the ongoing WGA strikes. Notably, this decision was made without the participation of WGA writers, leading to public outcry.

However, just a week after the controversial announcement, Barrymore publicly issued an apology and made a significant decision regarding the show’s future in response to the widespread criticism.

I have listened to everyone, and I am making the decision to pause the show’s premiere until the strike is over.

Barrymore expressed in a post shared on September 17, alongside a caption echoing the same message.

In her statement, Barrymore also extended her heartfelt apologies to those affected by her initial announcement, including the dedicated team behind the show. She acknowledged the efforts made to navigate the situation and expressed hope for an industry-wide resolution.

CBS Media Ventures, the production entity behind The Drew Barrymore Show, responded to Barrymore’s decision with understanding and support. A spokesperson stated,

We support Drew’s decision to pause the show’s return and understand how complex and difficult this process has been for her.

A Tentative Deal to End the Strike

Over the weekend, a significant development emerged in the form of a tentative agreement between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. While the deal requires formal drafting and subsequent votes by WGA officials and members, it is widely anticipated that it will be ratified and concluded in the coming weeks.

The agreement signifies a positive step towards resolving the WGA strike, albeit officially pending ratification. During this transitional phase, the WGA has suspended its picketing efforts and protests.

Dominic Patten, senior editor at Deadline Hollywood, shared insights into the potential ramifications of the strike’s end on television shows. According to Patten, it is highly likely that late-night TV shows will swiftly return following the ratification vote, potentially within days or even hours. Similarly, daytime talk shows are expected to resume production promptly.

The Drew Barrymore Show

However, the return of primetime shows may require more time due to the involvement of actors, who have their own union, SAG-AFTRA, currently engaged in ongoing negotiations with studios and streaming platforms.

While the WGA strike is heading towards resolution, it is important to note that the SAG-AFTRA strike remains ongoing, and its outcome will further shape the landscape of the entertainment industry.