The Flash officially declared a box office disaster

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The opening week for The Flash brought in 55 million, which is much below than the projected sales. It only went downhill from there with its second weekend earning only 15 million. While these numbers seem huge, it is nothing compared to the film’s budget of over 220 million and its fall is only second to Jared Leto’s Morbius.

Is The Flash Actually a Box Office Disaster?

If projections are to be believed, the movie could lose Warner Bros. over 150 million. While the number may seem farfetched without counting additional revenue streams like DVD and streaming, even with all possible avenues, The Flash will undoubtedly be one of the worst financial decisions in studio history.

Even with other films still holding steady at the box office and Across the Spider Verse still holding the number 1 spot in terms of revenue, it just shows how much the movie has let down fans, producers and everyone involved in the production.

This, along with Ezra Miller controversy, could have resulted in fans boycotting the film itself which may have also affected performance at the box office.

The Flash officially declared a box office disaster

But The Flash is just the biggest flop in a long line of superhero films which have underperformed in the last year. While DC still has 2 cards left to play (Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2) to get themselves out of this situation there is no denying that there something missing in the superhero genre as a whole in recent years.

Is DC The Problem?

Films such as Black Adam and Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantmania, even after being hyped and studios recruiting some of the biggest actors in the world, have not performed as well as they should have and the poor performance of Black Adam has even gone on to ruin any chance of Dwayne Johnson becoming a more permanent part of the DC universe.

So, before the reboot, it seems that DC might have to return to the drawing board and reevaluating some of the casting choices for the sake of the DCEU and Warner Bros. and I don’t think the fastest man alive can save them in time.