The MCU May Go for a “Major” Reboot Following Avengers: Secret Wars

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By Bruce Wayne

The upcoming film Avengers: Secret Wars has generated significant speculation about whether it will serve as a reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Scheduled for release in 2027, this highly anticipated movie promises to conclude both Phase 6 and the Multiverse Saga with an epic clash between the Avengers and a mysterious adversary on Battleworld. While many details about the film remain shrouded in mystery, fans have been theorizing that Secret Wars could initiate a complete MCU reboot.

Secret Wars as a Soft Reboot

Avengers: Secret Wars draws inspiration from Jonathan Hickman’s “Secret Wars” comic event of 2015, which acted as a soft reboot for the Marvel Comics Universe. This event introduced changes to certain elements, facilitating future storylines. With characters from the Ultimate Universe, like Miles Morales, integrated into Earth-616, it sparked speculation that the film adaptation could similarly refresh the MCU.

The Impact of Secret Wars on the MCU

The MCU’s multiverse is expected to reach a turning point in Secret Wars. The movie will likely combine characters and plotlines from various universes beyond the MCU, including Fox’s X-Men and Sony’s Spider-Man franchises. The Council of Kangs, time-traveling conquerors featured in the film, adds to the complexity, potentially allowing Secret Wars to reshape the MCU timeline through a soft reboot.

A Universal Reset and its Implications

One theory suggests that the MCU’s multiverse will cease to exist after Secret Wars, preventing characters from traversing different universes. This change could streamline the narrative for future MCU sagas. A universal reset may accompany the multiverse’s collapse, creating a new Sacred Timeline similar to the MCU’s but with essential changes. Such a reset would accommodate the MCU’s X-Men reboot and potentially reintroduce characters like Tony Stark, Captain America, and Black Panther.

Potential Benefits of an MCU Reboot

A rebooted MCU could incorporate multiple superhero teams coexisting, including the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, and Thunderbolts. This approach aligns more closely with the comics, allowing hundreds of superhumans to share the same universe. The soft reboot may also enable characters from alternate universes to join the MCU, such as Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool, without extensive setup.

Debate Over the Necessity of a Reboot

While Marvel Studios has not officially confirmed an MCU reboot, some fans have expressed disappointment with Phase 4 and Phase 5 projects. A reboot could erase aspects of the franchise that didn’t resonate with viewers while retaining successful elements. However, it’s debatable whether a reboot is the best solution, as it might be seen as an easy way out. Marvel could potentially win back fans by delivering compelling Phase 5 and 6 projects that tie up loose plot threads and strengthen the MCU’s narrative.

As Marvel Studios contemplates the future of the MCU post-Secret Wars, the possibility of a reboot looms large. While the opportunity to reset the MCU’s course is tempting, Marvel must weigh the benefits against the risk of alienating fans by erasing too much of the beloved franchise’s history. The path forward for the MCU remains uncertain, making Phase 6 a pivotal moment in its cinematic journey.