The Most Apparent Yet Unexplained Plot Holes in Marvel Movies

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By Wanda

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is influencing and entertaining the cinephiles of the world, but there are still several plot holes in Marvel movies. While creating such phenomenal art, Marvel movie plot holes are likely to happen. While many Marvel film plot holes are minor, there are some gigantic holes we cannot overlook. Here is a list of the worst plot holes in Marvel movies.

1. Why is Extremis, even being a virtue, never used again?

We observe in Iron Man 3, that the Extremis solution can grow limbs again, and heal living tissue from any wound. But, to our surprise, Stark hasn’t looked into it, even after it saves Pepper Potts.
It should be perfected and used to help heal the army. Stark can produce anything on his own, thus he should look into this and use it for the welfare of mankind.

2. Why does Captain America have to stay inside the plane to wreck it?

It was indeed courageous of Cap to crash the plane which would otherwise destroy the city of New York but it was rather unnecessary for him to shelter inside the plane. He could have easily flown into a nosedive, so why didn’t he jump out with the help of a parachute? Even if he jumped without any support, the super soldier serum would keep him protected. He could have lived a lifetime if he applied a little more brains instead of talking about dancing.

3. Why does Thanos Sacrifice the Mind Stone?

Thanos’s major aim in life was to gather all the Infinity Stones to attain godly power. When he needs help in collecting the Tesseract, i.e. the Space Stone from Earth, he gives Loki a powerful scepter that possesses one of the stones to retrieve it. Why would he do that? In the process of gaining and protecting the stones, why would he uselessly risk losing another? For an intergalactic Avenger, he is not very smart.

4. Why doesn’t Tony Stark make a Vibranium suit?

In Iron Man 2, Stark finds a way to produce a new element, that he could use in a damaged arc reactor, replacing poisonous palladium. This was supposedly Vibranium. Howard Stark has stocked up enough Vibranium for Stark to make an indestructible suit with it, so why doesn’t he do it? Tony was well aware of Ulysses Klaw’s smuggling from arms-dealing days.

5. When do Loki and Thanos meet?

The movie Thor ends with Loki falling through endless space. We do not see him again until The Avengers, where he is shown hanging out with Thanos. But what we never get a clear picture of, is how and when did these two meet? How did they find each other?

6. Are the Avengers aware that Agent Coulson is alive?

Agent Coulson

Coulson’s death in The Avengers practically brings the team together. The director of The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the creator of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., states how Coulson is dead in the movies. But Coulson’s revival is kept a secret from Thor and The Avengers in the show, which is practically impossible. 

7. Is the Government or the S.H.I.E.L.D. equipping themselves for alien attacks?

The world is ambushed by aliens in The Avengers, yet no government comes up with an intergalactic military plan. S.H.I.E.L.D. is engaged in a war against Hydra and other earthly threats instead of shielding themselves from future alien attacks. The thought of performing an autopsy of even one of the innumerable Chitauri corpses lying around New York City crossed no one’s mind.

8. What happens to Samuel Sterns?

The Incredible Hulk could be treated as one of the weakest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Hulk’s history can never be ignored. The film, minorly, focuses on the accident where Samuel Sterns turns into the Leader, a gigantic Hulk villain. But we get no information on what happens to him in the other Marvel movies.

9. How did Howard Stark discover Vibranium?

Howard Stark creates an undefeated shield made of Vibranium but never reveals how he discovered the rare metal.

10. When did Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor become surgically removable?

In Iron Man, we notice how Stark has to keep an arc reactor in his chest to prevent shrapnel from tattering his heart. But in the third counterpart, he could surgically remove the reactor without facing any negative consequences. But why couldn’t he have done this before?