Ridley Scott Confirms Massive 4.5-Hour Director’s Cut for Napoleon

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Renowned director Ridley Scott spares no effort in storytelling grandeur, as evident in his upcoming film Napoleon with a massive 4.5-hour director’s cut.

At 85 years old, Scott’s passion for crafting sprawling epics remains undiminished. Napoleon stands as a testament to his unyielding ambition, emerging perhaps as his most audacious endeavor to date. In a conversation with Empire Magazine, Scott tantalizingly hinted at the existence of a “fantastic” director’s cut for Napoleon, an opulent cinematic masterpiece spanning nearly 4.5 hours. While the theatrical release is confirmed at 157 minutes, Scott is banking on Apple’s streaming platform to host the extended original version. This additional footage delves deep into the life of Josephine before her fateful encounter with Napoleon, tracing her journey to becoming his wife.

The anticipation surrounding Napoleon skyrocketed upon its announcement and the release of its trailer. The film marks a reunion between Scott and Joaquin Phoenix, who perfectly embodies the titular role, a fact highlighted by his unforgettable portrayal in 2000’s Gladiator. Phoenix lauded Napoleon’s incredible narrative potential, expressing hope that the essence of the French emperor’s astonishing life story has been captured. He also shared his excitement for collaborating with Scott once again.

Reflecting on their partnership, he noted that there had been a nostalgic notion of collaborating with Ridley again. He mentioned having an incredible experience working on Gladiator with Ridley when he was younger. It had been his initial significant production, and he had truly longed for a similar encounter once more.

A Fervor for Director’s Cuts

Ridley Scott’s penchant for director’s cuts is evident, prominently seen in his most iconic works, particularly his meticulous reimagining of Blade Runner through various iterations. In 2005, Kingdom of Heaven’s theatrical debut prompted Scott to unveil an extended version, accompanied by an additional hour of footage. This material offered a more comprehensive understanding of characters and resolved lingering plot threads. Beyond Napoleon, Scott is actively immersed in the creation of Gladiator 2. Russell Crowe, a key figure in the Gladiator series, commended Scott’s emphasis on practical sets over CGI in the sequel.

Recalling their previous collaboration, Crowe shared an insightful anecdote. He mentioned that on the last film they had worked on together, there had been a conversation. They had been in a valley, looking up at a castle that Ridley had constructed. They both realized that, with the rise of comic-book tentpole movies, it was likely to be their final time on a set with such a high level of physical production. That had indeed turned out to be the case.

However, considering the appearance of the sets that had been constructed again in Malta, Ridley was now able to return to that same level of physical production once more. Crowe expressed his enthusiasm about this development, describing it as fantastic. This dedication to practical sets, which was a defining aspect of Scott’s approach, was also noticeable in the making of Napoleon.

The Dawn of Napoleon

Ridley Scott Confirms Massive 4.5-Hour Directors Cut for Napoleon

The cinematic realm eagerly awaits the arrival of Napoleon, scheduled to debut in theaters on November 22. Under Ridley Scott’s visionary guidance, this ambitious epic promises to carve its place in cinematic history, resonating with audiences as an immersive journey into the remarkable life of one of history’s most iconic figures.