Thor Love and Thunder Behind the Scenes

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Thor Love and Thunder has become a pretty popular hit since its release in theaters and Disney plus just recently, so much so that happy meal toys made its return in promotion for the film, but none of the toys look quite like the original characters, some even saying they look deformed picture.

Taika Watiti has become the most entertaining on set when it came to working on set. He is of course creative, funny and all around goofy.

And when it came to all the blue screens and putting the film together, there have been plenty of times where there have been a fair share of comedic moments, like when they were filming the time when Thor was chained up.

Thor Love and Thunder Behind the Scenes

At the film’s beginning, Thor receives as a gift a pair of goats that scream outrageously. These goats are familiar to those who read the comics or know anything about Norse mythology, as they are the ones that pull Thor’s chariot. In the movie, despite their irritating howls, they are a fun detail.

And even with the random goat screaming, Once one of the effects companies did a shot of the goats with the added “Taylor Swift goat remix” meme, Taika Waititi thought it was hilarious and made them scream throughout the movie as a Running Gag, and its safe to say it worked pretty well for the film

Thor Love and Thunder Behind the Scenes

But before we get into these creative and fitting moments for thor character, some marvel trivia for you, how many costume changes were there in in the film, leave your answer in the comments down below and stick around to the end of the video to find out if your answer was correct.

We can see the obvious chemistry between Taika and Chris when during pre production Chris mentions some ideas he has for the film.

One of the weirdest scenes was actually a short of Thor trying to lay low and moving in with a normal guy with an office job, and just based on Thor character, this really wouldn’t have worked out for long.

Following an interview with a couple people who had a few words to say about the film arley sorg and josh pearce, give their opinion on the comedic side of the film with josh starting off with, i absolutely loved this film, and arley following with, Yeah, I thought it was a lot of fun. I didn’t like the other one, Ragnarok, all that much, so I was expecting to not like this. But the movie was really awesome! It was super funny and utilized different kinds of humor: dumb one-liners, clever humor, meta humor, visual humor, and the screaming goats were like auditory humor.

And with all of the special effects that go into this film and even previous, it’s pretty wild to see Taika Watiti jump back and forth between directing and playing Korg and you can see the energies between the cast especially Chris Hemsworth a lot of the time

The floating Korg head just hovering above Taika’s head as he wanders around set could be a meme within itself.

Initially Christian Bale, thought the film would be all cgi, however when he got on set he was surprised that he was going to be spending 4 hours in a chair having to do the full on makeup for his role as Gorr

And you have to be a really really good actor to put emotion into something thats pretend, for example, when Chris Hemsworth had to soak in the sunlight during one scene while he was directly in front of a blue screen, so he had to pretend there was sunlight on his face while directly standing at a blue screen. Imagination would be the key here.

And the one thing that they did provide to catch peoples attention is the one and only iconic and very daring scene of Chris Hemsworth putting down his disguise revealing who he really he, but revealing a little bit more than planned.

And funny enough, with how Jane foster looks after becoming the wielder of the hammer, the bulk of  her arms are actually not real, even with the amount of hard work and training she put into bulking up, it just wasn’t quit enough, especially in the arm area, so the special effects team decided to do their magic and digitally enhance them. 

Thor misspells Nick Fury’s name on his cell phone. We can see it in a flashback of his relationship with Jane when he calls him, and it is written “Nick Furry.”

In a scene where Thor is training, you can see him wearing a cap that says: “The strongest Avenger.” This is a funny detail that many may have overlooked and is typical of the humor that these films and the director of the project, Taika Waititi, tend to show.

And for the answer to our marvel trivia question, Costume designer Mayes Rubeo said that they had around 25 costume changes  for Thor throughout the movie.

“The costumes are crazy. I have more costume changes in this than I think I’ve had in the last six films combined. Thor’s sort of searching for his identity, and that’s represented in his wardrobe. The costumes and the sets aesthetically match the energy of the film — they’re another color to the painting,” Chris explained.

The goats of course became a meme inspired by the Taylor Swift remix of I knew you were trouble. And speaking of goats, theres a moment where it seems like they cant seem to leave Thor alone

And even when you look at all of these moments, its easy to notice the how much of the film is actually real, of course the glowing eyes and the light up hammer isn’t, but even with all the blue screens and green screens in the background, half of the sets are real and even the characters costumes, with Chris Hemsworth’s suit, and Jane fosters.

In the golden age of comics, many female characters were portrayed as simple love interests. Unfortunately, this was the case for the earliest incarnation of Jane Foster. Created by the late Stan Lee and first appearing in 1962, she was a nurse and the basic love interest for Dr. Donald Blake, Thor’s human disguise. Going by Jane Nelsen, she was the typical damsel in distress that always needed Thor to save her. Even more basic, as she was the center of a love triangle. She loved Dr. Blake and Thor, not realizing they were one and the same. Thankfully, she is much better written these days and a much more enjoyable character.

And with that bizarre scene of thor and that split, it just gave that much more of the comedic energy that the film needed, believability was at stake, however you cant deny that even though it was cheesy, it was pretty entertaining.

So what did you guys think about all of this, the memes, the bloopers and the all around comedic tension on set, what was your favorite part, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments down below, make sure your subscribed for more videos just like this, thats it for today though well see you all next time with a brand new video.